Business Smarts: Adding Seasonal Displays to Your Services

The official start of fall is not too far off and with it comes a number of opportunities to install different seasonal displays for your customers. While the motives for commercial and residential clients to invest in seasonal displays will differ, this can be a profitable add-on for your business.

Mark Borst, LIC, president and owner of Borst Landscape & Design based in Allendale, New Jersey, says his company started doing seasonal color and displays in the late 90s. They have a dedicated garden division that plants pansies in the spring, annual flowers for the summer, mums in the fall and they also install Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas displays.

Borst says while their maintenance division brings in just over $3 million annually, the garden division is producing $1.8 million in revenue with their seasonal work.

“It’s a great cycle because it starts out in April, we take a break for Christmas, and then we’re back on January 1 taking all those displays down,” Borst says. “It probably takes us two or three weeks to get all the displays down so it’s nice January work too.”

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