The Best Commercial Landscaping Service in Bergen County, NJ

commercial landscape design bergen county njHaving a well-designed landscape at your place of business is very important. It shows existing and prospective customers, and the community in general, that you care about your business.

You want to take pride in your commercial real estate home just as you would in your private dwelling.

If you are considering a commercial landscaping service in northern New Jersey, more specifically in Bergen and Passaic Counties, think Borst Landscape & Design. Our experts have been in the business for years and provide high-quality service with a knowledgeable staff.

Commercial Landscape Design in Northern NJ

Borst Landscape & Design provides a wide-range of landscape design services for your business. From your initial concept to project completion the company can handle all your design and build needs. Some of the commercial landscape design services are listed below:

  • New or redesigned – It does not matter if you need just a few changes to your landscaping or if you need a totally new design. We have design services to take care of your needs, old or new. We offer a full range of design services to fit your needs.

  • Customized design – Borst Landscape & Design has a team of Certified Landscape Technicians that handle all aspects of design for your project. Starting with a thorough and comprehensive site analysis these professionals will draft a plan to suit your needs. Getting started with a great blueprint will insure you project proceeds smoothly.

  • Hardscape installation – Our team will install all the hardscape needed for your project. Customers need a nice area to get to your building and making the expanse look nice will be a big plus. Walkways, patios, walls and planting beds are constructed in accordance with best building practices and follow all governmental codes. This will be the base for your project and the work will be fabricated to not only look well, but last.

  • Garden services – Borst has a creative design team that will turn your project into a showcase. They will plan every aspect of plants and planting to make sure your work comes out first-rate. Using a mix of annuals and perennials, flowers and foliage, color and many other design features your area will be transformed into a beautiful oasis for all to enjoy. The designers may also use containers, window boxes and other planting methods on your project.

  • Ongoing design – The company is not just going to design and build your project and then forget about you. We provide not only ongoing maintenance but garden renovations. The firm stands ready to make changes and enhancements to your property at any time. If you just want to tweak your landscaping a tiny bit or if you want a a total redesign Borst will be there to assist you.

  • Lawns and Trees – You may want or need a garden design that uses grass, trees and shrubs in the mix. We can plan this part of your project and install all plants. All of this work will be done using organic practices that benefit both you and the environment.

You want your business landscaping to look just as good as your home’s. As a matter of fact, your business may be considered an extension of your home. Plan wisely and get competent help with any landscaping project at your company.

When it comes to choosing  a commercial landscaping service in Bergen County, NJ you can’t beat Borst Landscape & Design.