Commercial Landscaping Services in Bergen County, NJ

What business has the time to manage their own landscaped areas, be they rooftop gardens, potted plants or outdoor spaces? Most businesses these days hire a professional landscape company to help build and maintain their Bergen County outdoor spaces, providing businesses with an alluring landscape that will keep customers coming back.

There are many ways a New Jersey commercial landscaping company such as Borst Landscape & Design can enhance the exterior of your business or facility, including:

  • Create and maintain specific lawn and garden areas.

  • Plant trees, shrubs and other colorful flora to beautify the area.

  • Add a walkway or two, which can add to the atmosphere of whatever you are manifesting in your landscaping. Walkways can also provide a nice guided path through the different areas and add to a formal or informal feeling of the outdoor area.

  • Give your NJ outdoor area a facelift with specialists who will help you redesign your yard to your requirements. A specialist will help you measure the area where you’re interested in revamping and consider what type of look and design would best fit your property and business aesthetics.

Benefits of a Commercial Landscaper in Bergen County

Service that is consistent and will save you time

A professional landscape service company will provide you with prompt and regular maintenance service, from gardening and trimming your garden and hedges to mowing and fertilizing the lawn.

Knowing your garden and landscape is in safe hands

Professional landscapers are experts in landscaping. They will know how to care for your northern New Jersey lawn and garden to make it glow, sparkle, pop with colors and quality.

Knowledge and upkeep of equipment

Professional landscapers understand what different tools need to be used for particular gardens and lawns. They will use their own equipment so that you won’t have to worry about finding storage space for garden tools.

Knowledge of the needed aeration process of soil

Aerating soil ensures that enough oxygen is circulated throughout all layers of ground. Professional aerators are well versed in the use of aeration equipment and different aeration techniques to keep your garden and lawn healthy and alive.

Adding just the right amount and type of fertilizers and pesticides

With so many different fertilizing products available out there on the market it’s hard to choose what’s best for your soil. Commercial lawn care companies know which organic pesticides to use without spoiling soil quality. They understand what products to use to seasonally seed the soil and control weeding, thereby ensuring the longevity of plant life.

Provide you with regular mowing and snow plowing

When you hire a commercial lawn care company in Bergen County, New Jersey to care for your lawn, you are ensuring that your landscaped area won’t die out or overgrow. Heavy snow can also damage plant life. Commercial lawn service providers will use their own snow plough equipment and expertise to remove snow in your outdoor spaces, so that when spring approaches, your outdoor areas will bloom and grow. Utilizing consistent mowing and snow plowing services will also save you time and money.

Choosing the Best Landscaping Company in New Jersey

Borst Landscape & Design is recognized throughout the state as one of the best full-service professional landscaping companies. A good landscape and design company will offer you free quotes so that you can compare the prices of other contractors you’ve talked with. At Borst Landscape & Design, you will find expertise in every aspect of landscaping from start to finish.