Commercial Snow Plowing RatesWhen you live in Northern New Jersey, you expect cold winters with freezing temperatures, rain, snow and ice. As a Bergen County business owner, you know that you will likely need commercial snow removal services during the winter season. To protect your business, it’s important to plan early and check commercial snow removal pricing before snow begins to fall.

In Bergen County, snow removal is essential during the winter to keep your business running smoothly and protect your employees and customers from accidents and injuries. There’s no question that you will need snow removal services, there’s only a question of how early you may need them. If you plan early, commercial snow removal pricing can be figured into your annual business budget for operational expenses.

How Much Does Commercial Snow Removal Cost?

Although there is a national average for commercial snow removal services in the Northern New Jersey area, prices can vary based on a variety of factors that include:

  • Size of the property to be serviced
  • Number of necessary snow removal services
  • Type of equipment needed for the job
  • Cycle time or time between snow removal services
  • 24/7 emergency response services
  • Special services and products used
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Professional experience and skill level of the contractor hired

At Borst Landscape & Design, we can help you develop a service contract that meets your snow removal needs and budget for your business.

How Do I Determine My Property Needs?

To have a clear understanding of your property service needs, a snow removal contractor will need to visit your business location and do a thorough property assessment. This includes your exact location, route to your location, size of your property, property terrain and other important circumstances that may impact service requirements.

After a review of your business property and a discussion about your business needs and budget, you will get a quote that shows accurate commercial snow removal rates for your business. When everything is approved, your contractor will provide you with a service contract that shows scheduled snow removal services and rates for the winter season.

In addition to the size of your property and snow removal services you choose, your rates may be impacted by:

  • Property terrain like steep hillsides, wooded areas or lots of trees and shrubs
  • Hard to reach property areas
  • Property access from streets and highways
  • Parking lots and driveways
  • Sidewalks that lead to front or back entrances
  • Special services and products needed
  • Sanding or salting services and products
  • An existing service contract

Before you hire a commercial snow removal company, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your property needs and required services to get accurate commercial snow removal rates.

Discuss your needs and budget with a professional snow removal contractor who can help you determine the best services for your business. By planning for snow removal services early, in the summer or fall, you can create a workable service contract that’s in place before winter snowfall arrives.

After a review of your business property and a discussion about your business needs and budget, we will provide you with an accurate service contract for commercial snow removal pricing and specific snow removal services to be provided. By establishing a service contract in summer or fall, you won’t have to worry about snow removal during the winter. You can focus your attention on your business operations, while we focus on your snow removal services.

Commercial Snow Plowing Rates

Snow Removal Pricing Options

Professional snow removal companies typically offer various types of rate options for commercial snow removal services. It’s essential to discuss your needs and budget requirements and establish a rate plan that works best for your business. Typical pricing options include:

  • Seasonal Contract – Prices are usually based on monthly charges for the winter season. In areas that get above average snowfall, prices may be slightly higher to accommodate unexpected snow and ice conditions.
  • Per Occurrence – Specific rates apply each time a property is serviced. Although many contractors use this pricing method, it’s most typical in areas with regular, somewhat predictable snowfall and snow removal service needs.
  • Per Inch of Snow – Rates are charged by the number of inches of accumulated snow that needs to be cleared. Prices do not typically include deicing or anti-icing procedures, since sheets of ice can not be measured the same way that loose snow is measured.
  • Per Hour – Per hour pricing is often used in areas with very unpredictable snow and ice patterns, or a high occurrence of extreme weather conditions that require emergency services. In these areas, it’s often difficult to anticipate regularly scheduled services.
  • Combination Price – Some snow removal contractors charge a seasonal rate for commercial snow removal services, combined with a per occurrence price for special melting services like deicing and anti-icing applications when necessary.

To establish accurate commercial snow removal pricing and services that are best for your business needs, it’s important to work with a skilled snow removal company, like Borst, that has years of experience in the snow removal industry in Bergen County.

Special Services That May Impact Pricing

24/7 Emergency Services

Bergen County weather can be unpredictable, so 24/7 emergency services are essential for efficient business operations and safety. 24/7 emergency services include well-trained dispatchers who can schedule snow removal crews on short notice to your property. Dispatchers schedule exact route information and specific snow removal services for your business property.

A 24/7 emergency response service will ensure that your business doesn’t have to close down or lose customers during heavy snowstorms, blizzards and other emergency weather conditions.

Monitoring Services

Monitoring services are an important part of snow removal services for your business. Although they may impact your commercial snow removal pricing, they are essential to uninterrupted business operations and the safety of your customers and employees. Monitoring services monitor daily weather conditions and keep you informed on changing weather patterns like upcoming storms and special weather alerts that can impact your business operations.

Monitoring services will update you through emails, phone calls or website alerts on all scheduled snow removal services for your property, as well as any schedule changes due to emergency road closures, traffic problems or hazardous weather conditions.

Monitoring Services

Melting services are important to prevent snow and ice from building up or freezing on hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, walkways and parking lots. In freezing temperatures, icy conditions can occur quickly, especially when a snowstorm includes freezing rain.

Melting services, combined with commercial snow removal services, will help to prevent dangerous property conditions that can result in serious slip-and-fall accidents and injuries for customers and employees.

Melting services may impact your commercial snow removal pricing due to special products used, but these products will help to melt snow and ice rapidly:

  • Deicing Products – Deicing products, applied after snow removal will clear packed snow and sheets of ice quickly from sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking lots. Deicing products help to prevent dangerous snow and ice buildup that contributes to accidents and injuries.
  • Anti-Icing Products – Anti-icing products, applied before snow removal, will prevent snow and ice from bonding to hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt where slippery, dangerous conditions can quickly occur. Icy conditions are the number one cause of slip-and-fall accidents during winter weather.
  • Magic Salt – Magic Salt, an advanced product used in snow and ice removal, quickly removes snow and ice in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Magic Salt contains molasses and other ingredients which cause slower melting with less runoff on your property. It’s also much less abrasive to concrete and asphalt surfaces than other traditional melting salts.

Melt and Freeze Services

When it snows in Northern New Jersey, it’s common for packed snow to melt during the day, then freeze overnight when temperatures drop. These melt and freeze conditions can lead to a need for additional snow removal services and an increase in commercial snow removal pricing.

By hiring a professional company that provides melt and freeze services, the company will re-inspect your business property the day after a snowstorm to handle icy or hazardous conditions that occurred overnight, even if your property was cleared the day before.

As a responsible Bergen County business owner or property manager, it’s important to provide commercial snow removal services during the winter months. These services will ensure normal business operations and safety, even in the heaviest snowstorms. Without service, you’re likely to experience downtime or a closed business that will impact your bottom line.

Commercial Snow Plowing Rates


Like most emergency response professionals, snow and ice removal contractors work outdoors in the worst possible weather conditions. Due to extreme or hazardous conditions that can impact safety, commercial snow removal prices can vary during any given winter season. Find a qualified, professional Bergen County contractor who is knowledgeable and well-equipped to handle all of your business snow removal needs with safe and effective results.

During summer or fall, check on commercial snow removal pricing in your area and secure snow removal services that will protect your business, employees and customers throughout the winter season.