Creative Outdoor Kitchens for Our Bergen County Neighbors


Borst’s creative outdoor kitchens are built to last

Have you been scrolling Pinterest looking for creative outdoor kitchens? It’s time to make it happen. It’s a good sign you’re reading this article — that means you want expert advice about how to build the best outdoor social space for your home. 

The most important question when creating your design is: How do you plan to use the space? Take a moment to consider the size of gatherings you want to host, what kinds of food you want to make. Below we offer a brief overview of design options.

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Grill Master or Gourmet Chef?

Delicious meals are the centerpiece of creative outdoor kitchens. The kind of food you want to serve greatly impacts the physical design. Are you imagining a rustic wood-fired pizza oven, or a full-scale outdoor kitchen with a stovetop, oven, and fridge? Maybe what you’re after is a built-in grill for backyard barbequing. You could also mix and match these elements to make a totally custom space.

While designing outdoor kitchens, it is important to consider the utility needs of the space such as electricity, water, and gas. Wood-fired pizza ovens are an “off-grid” option, being that they require no electricity to operate. Gas grills, on the other hand, need gas. Sinks and dishwashers need water. Refrigerators need electricity. In order to safely install these amenities, you need a licensed professional contractor from Borst on your team. Our professionals ensure all installations meet the strict building code regulations of Bergen County.

What Kind of Roof?

Two popular additions to creative outdoor kitchens are pergolas and verandas. These structures help define the patio in space, making it a little grander

A pergola is a simple wooden frame with a “roof” made of open rafters (joists). The minimalist design is adaptable to any style and allows for easy customization. You could hang long billowing curtains around the edges, creating “walls” for a bit of privacy. For filtered shade, vining plants could be trained onto the rafters like a trellis. A comfy bench swing could hang down from one of the joists. The possibilities are near-endless. 

One drawback of pergolas is their fair-weather roofs. The slotted design does absolutely nothing to keep out the rain. If you would rather create a kitchen that could shelter you from the elements, a veranda may be more your style. A veranda’s solid roof also creates the option to install overhead lighting. Good lighting extends the hours you can spend in your outdoor kitchen.

All of Borst’s Outdoor Kitchens Are Creative Outdoor Kitchens

The experts at Borst are excited to design creative outdoor kitchens to the needs of your property and taste. It’s the good times we spend together that make a house a home — so why not make more spaces for enjoyment.

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