The 5 Basic Factors of Outdoor Kitchen Prices

An outdoor kitchen is a great feature for your Northern New Jersey home. It will expand your opportunities for outdoor activities and entertaining with family and friends, while increasing your current property value. With proper planning and design, you can build an outdoor kitchen that will bring years of enjoyment for you and your family.

When planning for your outdoor kitchen, it’s important to design a kitchen that meets your needs and your budget. Outdoor kitchen prices can vary greatly based on several important factors including location, design and construction, appliances and equipment, materials and the contractor you hire for the job. To end up with an outdoor kitchen that meets your needs and fits your budget, it’s essential to consider what type of kitchen you want, how you intend to use it and how much you’re willing to spend. Take a look at five basic factors that will impact your outdoor kitchen prices.


When planning your outdoor kitchen location, you must decide if you want to locate the kitchen next to the house or in a more remote location on the property. Your kitchen location will have a big impact on the cost of your kitchen, primarily due to the cost of utilities.

  • Perimeter Kitchens – A perimeter kitchen is located just outside the house, perhaps on an adjacent patio or deck that shares an overhang or patio cover attached to the roof.
  • Satellite Kitchens – A satellite kitchen is located further away from the house, typically out in the landscape on a remote terrace or patio in the back yard or perhaps near a swimming pool area for entertaining.

Perimeter Kitchens

By locating your outdoor kitchen next to the house , you can save money. You may need a grill and refrigerator, but you may not need additional cooking equipment and a sink. Since perimeter kitchens are located right outside the house, they allow you to use your indoor sink, refrigerator, oven and storage to cut down outdoor kitchen prices.

One of the biggest advantages of perimeter kitchens is access to existing utility lines including water, gas and electric. You won’t have to install separate lines to support your outdoor kitchen.

Satellite Kitchens

Although satellite kitchens offer more privacy away from the house, they must be totally self-sufficient. They require their own source of water, gas and electrical power to operate. This means running separate utility lines from the house to the satellite location which can cost you thousands of dollars.

You will also need building permits, a sewer hookup and proper drainage that will cost even more money. If a satellite kitchen is appealing, talk to a Bergen County landscape professional like Borst Landscape & Design who can help design a satellite outdoor kitchen that works in your landscape and fits your budget.

NOTE: Water lines, gas lines and electrical outlets for an outdoor kitchen must be installed by a licensed professional contractor. Utility lines require building permits and must be installed according to city building codes and regulations. To ensure safety, hire a professional, licensed contractor to install your outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen pricesDesign and Construction

The design and construction of your outdoor kitchen will significantly impact your outdoor kitchen prices. Whether you prefer a simple island, a L-shaped kitchen or a fancier kitchen design with curves and circles, you’ll need a kitchen design that’s easy to access, use and maintain year-round. You want your outdoor kitchen design to complement the architectural style of your home, as well as existing materials, finishes and colors.

When planning your outdoor kitchen and considering your outdoor kitchen prices, keep in mind that you will need at least basic appliances like a grill, refrigerator and sink, an adequate surface for food preparation, good lighting and some type of shelter for the chef. If you design a satellite kitchen away from the house, adequate lighting and shelter are essential for optimal use.

Without proper lighting, you will be limited to daytime cooking and entertaining. Without adequate shelter, your kitchen use will be limited and less comfortable if you’re not protected from sun, wind and rain. With a satellite kitchen, a pergola offers a great way to provide overhead lighting and shelter from the elements.

Outdoor kitchen prices will vary greatly based on construction methods. If you build your kitchen with all new construction instead of modular prefabricated frames, you can expect to spend a lot more money on materials and labor. For best results, talk to your Bergen County contractor about kitchen design and construction that works best for your kitchen location and equipment requirements.

Kitchen Equipment

The appliances and kitchen equipment you choose will have the biggest impact on your outdoor kitchen prices. When it comes to cooking equipment, there’s a wide variety of makes, models and sizes available, so choose wisely according to your cooking needs and budget.

Grills are usually the major component and the most expensive appliance in an outdoor kitchen. There are many top quality professional-grade grills on the market for every type of grilling:

  • Gas grills – Cooks completely with gas heat.
  • Electric grills – Cooks completely with electric heat.
  • Hybrid fire grills – Cooks with a combination of gas, charcoal and wood.
  • Wood-fired grills – Cooks with wood, but often comes with a gas starter.

Cooking Equipment

In addition to great top-of-the-line grills, optional cooking equipment includes: cook tops and side burners; griddles; rotisseries; smokers; deep fryers and pizza ovens.

Refrigeration Equipment

State-of-the-art refrigerators with energy-efficient features are available in different models and sizes. These refrigerators provide food-safe temperatures for outdoor food storage. Optional refrigeration equipment includes: freezers, ice makers and ice bins, under-counter beverage coolers, wine chillers and beer keg tappers.

Kitchen Accessories

Great optional kitchen accessories include: sinks, dishwashers, blenders;,storage cabinets and drawers, warming drawers, cutting boards, cooking utensils, trash bins and lighting.


The building materials you choose for your kitchen will also impact your outdoor kitchen prices, so you’ll want to find materials that enhance the beauty of your home and work within your budget.

Building Materials

You can build the framework of your kitchen with a variety of materials like natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone and slate, as well as other materials like brick, stucco, concrete and wood that will hold up well outdoors year-round in Northern NJ. The cheapest options are stucco and concrete, while the most expensive option is natural stone. When choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen, look for materials and colors that complement the architectural style of your home.


Custom countertops can be made from natural stones, concrete, ceramic tile and cultured stone, a man-made material that’s also very durable. When choosing countertop materials, select materials that are easy to clean and maintain in all types of weather conditions. During Bergen County winters that bring snow and ice, you’ll want to cover your outdoor kitchen for added protection.

NOTE: When choosing materials, check with your outdoor kitchen contractor to make sure materials are properly sealed for protection from spills and stains. The professionals at Borst can help you select materials that enhance the beauty of your home and fit within your desired budget for outdoor kitchen prices.

The Right Contractor

Hiring the right contractor to design, build and install your outdoor kitchen will impact outdoor kitchen prices, as well as the look and stability of your kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can range from $5,000 up to $50,000 depending on the design, equipment and materials that you choose.

An outdoor kitchen is a high-end project that requires a professional, licensed contractor with expert knowledge and experience in building outdoor kitchens. When you’re investing thousands of dollars on a new outdoor kitchen, you can’t afford costly mistakes.

When choosing a contractor for your project, it’s important to schedule a meeting at your home so your contractor can discuss your wants, needs and budget. You’ll want to discuss the desired location, design options, kitchen equipment and possible materials, so your contractor can give you a quote with accurate outdoor kitchen prices. If you want a satellite kitchen, your contractor will need to see your landscape location to assess needs for utility lines, hookups and drainage.

When planning an outdoor kitchen, look for a Bergen County landscape contractor with knowledge and experience in outdoor kitchen design and installation. Hiring the right contractor for your outdoor kitchen project will ensure a kitchen that’s beautiful, durable and safe. You can design and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.