Outdoor Kitchen Construction That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Outdoor Kitchen ConstructionHave you considered adding an outdoor kitchen to your home? If you love entertaining and family gatherings, you’ll love having an outdoor kitchen. It will expand your home’s useable space and allow you to spend time outdoors throughout the entire year.

Outdoor kitchen construction can range from $2,000 to more than $50,000 depending on the design and equipment you include. Outdoor kitchens offer state-of-the-art appliances and luxury amenities that are far superior to many indoor kitchens. If you want an outdoor kitchen for your northern NJ home that will make your neighbors jealous, take a look at some of the amazing kitchen equipment that’s available.

There’s a variety of manufacturers for outdoor kitchen equipment and prices vary by make, model and size. Your outdoor kitchen costs will be determined by your selections, so decide what you want or need, then compare makes, models, features and prices from your favorite manufacturers.

Cooking With Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Constructio

Cooking is the main focus for outdoor kitchens and today’s outdoor kitchen construction spares no expense with some of the best quality grills, ovens and cook tops on the market.

The grill is the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen where most of the cooking is done. It’s the most important component and usually the most expensive one. Professional-grade stainless steel grills come in sizes from 30” to 54” wide with 25,000 BTUs of cooking power. They include various luxury features and optional amenities. Types of outdoor grills include:

  • Natural Gas and Propane Grills
  • Electric Grills
  • Hybrid Fire Grills (combination of wood, charcoal and gas)
  • Wood-burning Grills

Grill Features include:

  • Stainless steel grates
  • Direct and radiant heat – heat combination provides searing heat and even temperatures
  • Flavor systems – collects grill drippings to create a smoky flavor to meats
  • Numerical thermometers – hermetically-sealed thermometer – up to 750 degrees F
  • Infrared rotisserie burners – cooks meats up to 55 lbs. on a steel rotisserie rod
  • Smoker boxes – removable box that allows cooking with wood chips
  • Grease trays – removable drip trays that roll out for easy grill cleanup
  • Canopy lighting – halogen lighting on the inside of the grill canopy

Optional Cooking Equipment:

  • Cook tops and side burners – extra cooking surfaces for side dishes
  • Warming drawers – warms plated entrees and whole turkeys or roasts
  • Griddles – drop-on griddle surface for pancakes and meats
  • Wok cookers – 27,500 BTU burners for stir-frying or lobster and crab boils
  • Deep fryers – extra-high heat for frying fish, chicken and vegetables
  • Pizza ovens – bakes a Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 3 minutes (countertop and built-ins)
  • Grill vent hoods – controls smoke with three-speed exhaust controls, includes lighting (wall-mounted and island designs)

NOTE: Outdoor kitchen construction with gas appliances requires a gas line that must be trenched and connected to the main gas connection at your house. Installation must meet code regulations in your Bergen County area and must be done by a licensed professional contractor.

Outdoor Kitchen Refrigeration

Outdoor Kitchen Construction

State-of-the-art under-counter refrigerators and freezers with energy-efficient features like advanced insulation, forced air cooling and variable-speed compressors are available in 15” and 24” widths. Refrigerators provide food-safe temperatures for outdoor food storage as well as chilling.

Refrigerator Features:

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Forced air cooling with 700 BTU variable-speed compressors
  • Electronic controls and digital temperature readouts
  • Two full extension wire shelves that hold up to 75 lbs each (removable and adjustable)

Freezer Features:

  • Two freezer drawers with stainless steel or vinyl coated shelves
  • Hot gas defrost systems

Optional Refrigeration Equipment:

  • Ice makers – creates up to 65 lbs of ice in 24 hours, stores up to 27 lbs (15” wide)
  • Ice bins – holds up to 30 lbs of ice (15” wide)
  • Beverage coolers – stores a variety of beverages with 2 – 4 extension racks (15” and 24” wide)
  • Wine chillers – chills and protects wines from light, heat, vibration and temperature changes (15” and 24” wide)
  • Keg tappers – dispenses draft beer with one, two or three taps (15”, 24” and 48” wide)

NOTE: Refrigeration equipment for outdoor kitchen construction requires electrical power from a main circuit to operate. A water line is necessary for refrigerators, ice makers, sinks and dishwashers. Wine chillers and keg tappers must be kept cold at all times for proper operation. To comply with code regulations for electrical wiring, outlets and water lines, utility hookups must be installed by a licensed professional contractor.

Additional Outdoor Kitchen Equipment and Components

  • Sinks – available in stainless steel top-mount and under-mount styles with single and double bowls, faucets for hot and cold water and built-in towel dispensers
  • Dishwashers – designed with high powered water jets and adjustable racks for pots and pans, 24″ wide
  • Blenders – high-speed blender and mixer compartments
  • Storage drawers and pantries – stainless steel drawers from 16” to 36” wide
  • Storage cabinets – under-counter stainless steel cabinets from 18” to 24” wide
  • Cutting Boards – hardwood cutting boards from 10” to 28” wide
  • Trash bins – under-counter stainless steel pull-out trash bins with one or two compartments, 18″ wide

Outdoor Kitchen Construction and Materials


The materials you select for your outdoor kitchen construction should be easy to clean and maintain in typical northern NJ weather. Choose materials with finishes and colors that compliment the architectural style of your home. If you have existing materials like brick, stone or wood on the exterior of your house, you can repeat them on your outdoor kitchen.

  • Framework – There are various materials available for the framework of your outdoor kitchen. Beautiful natural stones like granite, marble, slate and limestone come in a variety of color variations and hold up well outdoors. Other materials like brick, stucco, concrete, wood, pavers and tiles can be used in textures and colors that blend well with your house and landscape.
  • Countertops – Custom-built countertops can be made from natural stones like granite, slate, limestone, flagstone, river rock or concrete and tile. Cultured stone and other man-made products are also available at a lower cost. Look for materials that resist spills and stains for less maintenance.

NOTE: Bergen County winters can be harsh. Select materials that will hold up well in winter conditions. Some materials may require a sealer for maximum protection from spills and stains. Talk to your contractor about outdoor kitchen construction materials to find the right materials for your home.

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