The Best Landscape Designers in Bergen County, NJ

landscape designers in bergen county new jerseyHomeowners in Bergen County, NJ are always searching for ways to give their yard a unique look that will give their home eye-catching appeal. Landscape designers are able to create an outdoor space for you that will be one-of-a-kind and functional at the same time.

What is the Role of a Landscape Designer?

Landscape designers help you see the creative possibilities of your yard and present your outdoor space in such a way that meets your landscaping goals and have lasting value. Whether your landscaping goal is to block out noise or gusty winds, create a kid-friendly yard or a private sanctuary, a landscape designer can help you meet your goals.

A landscape designer is also a problem solver because with each landscaping goal, problem will arise. Most common landscaping challenges can be overcome with the creative solutions of a reputable landscape design company in northern NJ.

What are the Most Common Landscaping Challenges?

A well-designed outdoor space never escapes problems that need to be solved. Landscape designers are well equipped with the tools and knowledge to come up with a creative solution to any problem that occurs. Some of the most common landscaping challenges include:

  • Landscape Windbreaks – Wind sometimes can cause problems. A landscape designer can create various windbreak solutions that include man-made wind screens, windbreak shrub hedges, or a window of trees.

  • Noise – Another common problem is noise. Landscaper designers can reduce noise with acoustical control options. Some of these options include sound absorption, sound deflection and reflection and sound refraction.

  • Hot Spots – A well-trained landscape designer will be able to landscape for controlling your yard’s exposure to the sun. Some solutions include shaded structures, prefabricated pergoias or large trees.

As you can see, a lot can go into creating your unique outdoor space in northern New Jersey. However, a well-trained landscape design company can make the process seamless, cost-effective and timely.

What is the Landscape Design Process?

Reputable and well qualified landscape designers will meticulously and diligently plan your landscape project from concept to completion. The normal landscaping design process includes the following steps.

  • Initial Consultation – The landscape designer will sit down with you to discuss your landscape goals and your vision for your outdoor space.

  • Site Analysis – After meeting with you and understanding your goals, the designer will perform a comprehensive analysis of your landscaping site.

  • Create landscape design – After the comprehensive site analysis, the designer will create a landscape design that meets your goals and will give you an outdoor space that will become your favorite place to spend your time.

  • Site Preparation – Once the plan is created, the design crew will begin to prep the site and solve any problems that arise such as grading or drainage issues.

  • “Hardscape” installation – After the site prep,  “hardscape” such as wet or dry-laid stone walls are installed followed up with patios or walkways.

  • Planting – Finally, the planting team will install the finishing elements of your landscape. These elements may include privacy hedges, foundation planting, perennial garden or lawn renovation.

Landscape designers always employ a well-qualified team to transform your property into a beautiful and functional space.

What Should I Look for in a Landscape Designer in Bergen County, NJ?

When looking for a landscape designer, you should look for:

  • A team that is lead by landscape designer with decades of experience in landscape architecture and ornamental horticulture.

  • Reputable landscape designers who have a group of field managers who are certified landscape technicians designers go to for expert assistance.

  • A design team that has been together for a long time.

When you want attractive and functional outdoor space, contact one of the top landscape designers in Bergen County, New Jersey.