Creative Seasonal Display Services in Bergen County NJ

creative seasonal displays Bergen County NJJust because summer is drawing to an end doesn’t mean your landscape should become dull and boring. At Borst Landscape & Design, we offer seasonal display services that will help you make the most of the changing leaf colors here in northern New Jersey.

Creative Seasonal Designs in NJ

You can still fill your garden with lots of brilliant blooms even in autumn. Brightly colored flowers complement the dazzling fall leaves nicely, providing vivid hues for the eye to focus on. A few flowers that are well suited for autumn here in Bergen and Passaic County include:

  • Butterfly Magnet
  • Zinnia
  • Marigold
  • Mexican sunflower
  • Autumn crocus
  • Strawflower

When it comes to planting flowers, the options offered by our seasonal display services are nearly unlimited. Create a mailbox garden or plant them in raised beds or containers. Offset them with birdhouses made from gourds, pumpkins or bales of hay for an autumn flair that is sure to draw attention.

Mixing and Matching Seasonal Textures

Although you may not expect seasonal display services for fall to include evergreens, doing so actually has a number of benefits. Evergreens will help to add texture to your garden, which can enhance its depth and visual appeal. Its green leaves will also provide contrast to the changing fall leaves, and make it appear more brilliant than ever before. If you count on your trees to provide you with privacy during the summer months, you’ll still be able to maintain a great deal of that privacy even after the leaves fall.

To complement a fall garden, choose different sizes and shapes of evergreens as much as possible. Pair a boxwood hedge with long and narrow cypress trees to create visual interest. Keep them interspersed amongst your maple or oak trees in an informal backyard garden in order to create the feel of being in a secluded area even in the middle of the city.

Seasonal Hardscaping Elements

Fall is the perfect time to introduce different hardscaping elements into your garden. Since the falling leaves tend to create a more rustic atmosphere, consider using natural wood to create a footbridge or seating bench. Use other natural elements such as stone or brick to build a fire pit, where you’ll be able to warm up on those chilly evenings while admiring the benefits of our seasonal display services.

Add Some Colorful Ground Cover

With brilliant leaves above you, the ground may begin to appear rather boring, especially since your grass may be fading as well. Ground cover with brightly colored leaves or berries could be an ideal way to spruce up an otherwise uninteresting area. Some good choices for autumn here in northern New Jersey include:

  • Purple sheep’s burr
  • Calico plant
  • Scotch heather
  • Chameleon
  • Crimson curls

Other Seasonal Touches

Our seasonal display services can also add accents to your lawn to help give it a cozy and inviting appeal. We can strategically place pumpkins, corn stalks, scarecrows and even wooden wagons amongst your plant life to help your garden really draw attention.