Cul de Sac Landscaping Ideas to Revitalize Your Property

cul de sac landscaping ideas

These cul de sac landscaping ideas will make your home stand out in your neighborhood

Homes located on a cul de sac are often prized for their sheltered location and the private feeling that comes from low street traffic. But the pie-shaped yards of these homes can present their own challenges. If you own one of these coveted properties, we offer some cul de sac landscaping ideas that will show off your front yard to its best advantage.

For more than 30 years, Borst Landscape & Design has been partnering with Bergen County homeowners on the cul de sac landscaping ideas of their dreams. Using organic and sustainable methods, we work with you every step of the way to create an exceptional outdoor space that meets all your needs. 

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Your unique cul de sac property deserves equally unique solutions

Many homeowners value the feeling of seclusion and peace that comes from enjoying the outdoors. While you may spend more time in your backyard rather than in front, it’s important to make use of cul de sac landscaping ideas that maintain your family’s sense of privacy. 

Strategically-placed plantings of ornamental grass or lattice panels that screen the view are effective ways of creating a shield between you and your neighbors. Other options include hedges, tall perennial flowers, or weeping trees with branches that trail downwards.

If your yard has sharp corners, you can introduce lush, leafy plants to help soften its angles. Circular design features and soft furnishings in the backyard can cushion any harshness that may come from your property’s innate shape.

Cul de sac landscaping ideas that suit your personal style

While oddly shaped yards can present design challenges, it’s their imperfections that make them more interesting than square or rectangular gardens. You may want to consider cul de sac landscaping ideas that put a distinctive stamp on your home.

With a cul de sac home, you want to create a sense of individuality without ruining the comprehensive look of the area. You can install a tasteful flowing fountain, a statue that reflects your personal style, or a small pond that enriches your front yard. If you prefer greenery, you may want to include an archway covered with climbing vines or a trellis that’s home to vibrant, sweeping flowers.

Borst offers an approach that’s tailored to your exclusive needs

Since the front yard of a cul de sac home is typically smaller than the backyard, it’s important to find a balance that doesn’t overwhelm your space. In order to avoid overfilling your property, you may want to opt for these cul de sac landscaping ideas that fit “just right.”

To create a cozy feeling in a smaller yard, you can play around with furniture placement, lay down an outdoor rug, and strategically position built-in garden beds around your space.

You’ll also want to consider the scale of the greenery that you select in contrast with the size of your house. Smaller, ornamental trees will leave open spaces, rather than filling every square inch of land. You may also want to limit your landscaping choices to two or three types of plants. Instead of choosing multiple varieties, select a few that you especially like and let their simplicity speak for itself.

The experts at Borst Landscape and Design will help you envision the yard of your dreams. Our integrated methods will bring you a lush and well-maintained property that enhances the beauty of your home and increases its value. 

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Image: Michael Tuszynski @Unsplash.com