Curb Appeal Landscaping For Your Bergen County Home

Curb Appeal Landscaping Bergen County NJCurb appeal is the first thing visitors see when they pull up to your house and the last thing they see as they pull away. These are the two most crucial moments in a potential Bergen County home buyer’s experience because the first and last impressions define how they feel about a property. If that feeling is negative, all of the high-end appliances, fresh paint and other great interior upgrades are overshadowed.

The importance of curb appeal may be obvious, but dealing with it can be extremely overwhelming at a time when you’re prepping a house for market and are already working overtime to fix up interior spaces.

Hiring a landscape-design firm can help you tackle your curb appeal by focusing on specific outdoor beautifiers that won’t break the bank but will immediately attract potential buyers – making sure that the time, money, sweat and energy that you put into your beautiful interior improvements get the attention they deserve.

Having a New Jersey landscape design / build company help you with sprucing up your curb appeal could allow for a faster turnaround on home sales. A potential buyer who is drawn to the house’s curb appeal may be quicker to sign. These firms can help you with a number of jobs to help sell your home and take the next step in your life.

Approving the Appeal

Open spaces and clean backdrops open potential buyers’ minds, making it much easier for them to envision their favorite garden features at home in your yard. Having the lawn cut, brush cleared, weeds pulled, leaves raked and all children’s toys and items such as lawn ornaments and furniture hidden from view can help potential buyers envision their perfect yard.

Planting gardens, shrubs and trees will also help foster a lush and breathtaking yard in northern New Jersey that is sure to have potential buyers reaching for the pen. Consulting with a garden design professional when choosing flowers and plants will help to tie the whole yard together.

Let There Be Light

Add mega wattage to your curb appeal with low-voltage landscape lighting. Use it to add accent lighting to trees, garden areas or the house or to illuminate a walking path, adding safety and security. If wiring such lights is not possible, look into solar fixtures.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Think of your entrance walkway as the red carpet to your home and invite visitors to walk it. Edge existing walkways with flowers or flagstones, or consider replacing a nondescript concrete path with a contoured one made of stone or brick, which can be laid in many interesting patterns. Landscaping and design experts are sure to give you a walkway that will take buyers’ breaths away.

If pesky, determined weeds are breaking through your driveway’s surface, do spot repairs (kill the weeds and have the cracks repaved or otherwise filled in) and then define the borders with plantings, shrubs, bricks or flagstones. If your driveway hasn’t been paved in awhile and its age is starting to show, consider having it paved to increase curb appeal.

Dressing Up Your Bergen County Home

Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, a new wreath or molding that adds substance and character. Railings, gutters and downspouts that show peeling paint, rust spots or other signs of neglect should be repaired or replaced.

Do a sweep of your entryway and replace any hardware that is rusty, worn, or out of date. House numbers, doorknobs and lock sets, wall-mounted mailboxes and overhead light fixtures should be coordinated in style, material and finish for a pulled-together look.


Working with a Bergen County landscaper with proven experience is sure to ease the burden and will likely speed up the sale process. Investing some money in your curb appeal may also allow you to sell your house for even more money than you had intended, maximizing your profits.

Whether your yard requires a small or large amount of work, it’s a vital part of selling your home and convincing buyers that this is the home for them.