Why You Need Deep Root Feeding for Trees This Spring

deep root feeding for trees

Deep Root Feeding for Trees Gives Your Trees the Boost They Need Without Waste or Runoff

All plants need nutrients to grow and keep healthy. Landscape plants like the shrubs and trees in your yard need special care because our suburban and urban soils often lack minerals or nutrients the plants really need. This can lead to deficiencies, but fertilization can help! This spring, give your landscape a needed boost with deep root feeding for trees.

No matter the size of your yard or how many trees grow in your landscape, you need an excellent tree and landscape service to support you and your trees.

Contact Borst Landscape & Design to learn more about our organic tree care service or to discuss your other landscape management needs. Our comprehensive organic tree and landscape services include Deep Root Soil Conditioning Injection.  Let us do the work so you can confidently enjoy your beautiful, healthy trees. 

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Springtime Tree Fertilizing

In New Jersey, the best time to fertilize your trees is between fall and mid-spring. This is the season of dormancy and slowed growth when deep root fertilization can work to support root development and disease resistance. Springtime deep root feeding will also encourage tip and leaf growth.

After the harsh, cold conditions of a northern winter, it’s important to take steps early in the spring to prepare your landscape for new growth and warmer temperatures. From deep root tree feeding to spring yard clean-up, don’t let it wait.

What is deep root feeding for trees? 

While topical fertilizer can provide short-term results, it doesn’t go as far as it should for your tree’s wellbeing. Plus, it can run off the targeted area or feed the weeds you’d rather not encourage. Deep root feeding is direct and makes a greater impact on the long-term health of your trees. The process also aerates and oxygenates the soil in a beneficial way. 

Deep root fertilization delivers nutrients straight to the root of the plant. Fertilizer is injected several inches into the soil, directly into the plant’s root system where they can access it quickly and easily.

A well-fed plant is a happy plant. Not only will deep root feeding give your trees the cocktail of nutrients they require, but it will also bolster their immune systems, making them less susceptible to attacks by insects and disease. A healthy plant can also better tolerate environmental stress. A spring treatment prepares them for the heat and dry conditions of summer, just around the corner.

Distressed trees need special care

If your plants are showing signs of distress, it may be time to give them a dose of deep root fertilization. There are a few simple signs you can keep an eye out for.

  • Very little growth despite sufficient rainfall.
  • Smaller leaves with each passing year.
  • Leaves that are tinged yellow instead of healthy green.
  • Leaves change color and fall early.

Go organic with Borst

At Borst, we offer expert organic tree and shrub care, so you can trust you are putting the best team to the task of caring for your landscape. 

We offer comprehensive services and we truly care about your property, including our impact on the environment. Fertilizing trees underground reduces erosion, evaporation, and fertilizer runoff. Deep root feeding targets the tree that really needs the nutrients, rather than giving a nutrient boost to everything on the surface, including the weeds.

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