Fencing Solutions for Deer Control in New Jersey

Protect your property and your upcoming spring blooms with these effective deer control fencing ideas.

deer control fencing

In the Garden State, deer can pose a significant threat to a homeowner’s carefully curated landscapes. These graceful creatures may be charming to observe, but their appetite for vegetation can wreak havoc on your property. To safeguard gardens and crops, residents are turning to deer control fencing as a reliable means of deer control.

Discover the perfect harmony between nature and control with Borst’s comprehensive landscaping services. Our team has over 30 years of experience in balancing the beauty of your outdoor space with keeping deer respectfully at bay. We tailor our landscaping services to create a customized design that not only enhances the beauty of your property but also serves as a natural deterrent against deer.

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How does deer control fencing work?

Traditional deer fencing consists of tall structures designed to deter these creatures from entering protected areas. The primary goal is to create a barrier that is both physical and visual, preventing deer from gaining access to valuable plants. In New Jersey, this typically involves materials like high-tensile wire, mesh, and wood.

Deer control fencing is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and property owners must consider their specific needs and preferences when selecting a fencing option. Plus, it is crucial to ensure that your choices comply with local fencing regulations and permits. 

What are your options?

One popular choice is the eight-foot-tall deer fence, which effectively prevents deer from leaping over and gaining access to gardens. The height of the fence is crucial since deer are known for their ability to jump impressively high obstacles. In suburban and residential areas, where aesthetics are a concern, low-visibility deer control fencing made of thin yet durable materials is gaining popularity.

Polypropylene mesh fences are often chosen for their nearly invisible appearance. These lightweight yet resilient fences provide an effective barrier without obstructing views. Homeowners appreciate the unobtrusive nature of these fences, allowing them to maintain the visual appeal of their properties while still protecting against deer intrusions.

Some residents opt for electric deer control fencing as a dynamic and efficient solution. Electric fences emit a mild shock when touched, discouraging deer from attempting to breach the barrier. This method is humane and has proven to be highly effective in deterring deer, making it a preferred choice for those seeking an active defense against wildlife.

Borst has the solution you need

The rising deer population in New Jersey has prompted residents to explore natural solutions. The experts at Borst Landscape & Design have mastered the art of crafting outdoor spaces that remain untouched by deer. We thoughtfully select deer-resistant plants and strategically design hardscapes that will deter any wandering wildlife. Contact us today for a landscape that’s naturally deer-proof and always inviting. Let us redefine your outdoor living – naturally!

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