How To Keep Deer Away From Your Garden in Bergen County, NJ

Deer are beautiful – as long as they’re not traipsing across your Bergen County lawn. Although timid with humans, deer are not at all shy when it comes to chomping on your victory garden and trampling your tulips.

It’s because of this that New Jersey homeowners may throw up their hands and wonder, “How can I keep deer out of my yard?”

To help relieve your frustrations and protect your plants, here are six smart ways to keep these creatures off of your property.

Keep Plants that Deer Like Near Your Bergen County Home

If deer populate the area near your northern NJ home, it may seem impossible to grow some of the plants that you love. Deer love to munch on smooth, tender plants with enticing aromas such as roses, azaleas, berries, clematis, chrysanthemum and others. By situating these types of plants near your house, as opposed to further out in the yard, you will be able to keep a closer eye on your garden.

A garden design company can help you to locate your plants near enough to your home to keep deer away, but without attracting a swarm of bees to your front door.

Cover Up the Aroma of Popular Deer Plants

Deer are coming to your Bergen County yard because they can smell the flora that they most want to nibble on. By masking the aroma of their favorite goodies, you’ll make your yard seem much less appealing than the woods or lawns surrounding your property. Consider adding patches of strongly scented herbs like garlic, mint, lavender or chives.

Put a Fence Around Your Garden

If your flower or vegetable garden is in a contained area, an attractive fence or barrier wall may be the best solution. By working with a trusted landscaper, you can easily find a fence that will be able to prevent deer from destroying your plants while still looking very attractive and allowing you to easily access your garden when needed.

Make Prickly Plants Your Ally

Prickly plants are also helpful for folks who find themselves asking, “How do I keep deer out of my yard?” By planting fuzzy lambs ear, barberries, or cleome around the edges of your property (especially near areas where deer may be entering your lawn), you can deter these creatures from ever approaching your garden in the first place. Not sure which of these deer-deterrents will best compliment your lawn? A good garden design company in New Jersey will be able to offer you advice on how to keep your yard attractive and deer-free.

Reduce Visibility with Hedges

Although aromas may initially draw deer to your property, they will feel less inclined to take a leap of faith and enter your yard if they can’t actually see what’s inside. For that reason, you may want to talk to a landscaping company about how to place attractive hedges to keep your lawn out of sight and out of mind.

Decorate Your Landscape

Never underestimate the power of fear tactics. Deer are wary of things they are unfamiliar with. Ask your New Jersey garden design company about large planters, fountains, lighting solutions, etc. that may help keep the deer away.

Keep your garden critter free and attractive is easy when you work with a professional and follow these six tips. You’ll never have to ask, “How can I keep deer out of my yard?” again.