Disease-Carrying Ticks Are Waking From Their Winter Slumber And Looking For Their Next Host

If you are a Borst Landscape & Design client that already receives our ORGANIC Mosquito, Flea and Tick sprays, we have added an extra spray for early Spring, due to the high volume of Tick activity that begins in March/April. When ticks emerge in early Spring, these blood thirsty parasites will be targeting humans and pets looking for their next host.

“Deer ticks tend to emerge the earliest.”

Sixteen species of ticks have been identified in NJ, but it’s the deer tick — also known as the Black-legged tick — that poses a real danger to humans and pets in early Spring. Deer ticks are so hardy that they’ll sometimes start to move around during warm spells in January and February, NJ’s coldest months. But it’s not until early Spring that they start to roam the landscape in high numbers. They become active any time the temperature is above freezing, and once we hit 40 degrees, they become particularly active.  In early Spring, adult deer ticks start to move around to seek a host to feed upon. In NJ, this host is often the White-tailed deer. However, a human or dog can also serve as suitable hosts. To find a host, deer ticks crawl up vegetation and extend their legs, waving them through the air in a behavior known as “questing.” The goal is to snag a potential host as it passes by (a good reason to avoid walking through tall grass and underbrush).  Once a deer tick finds a host, it crawls around on the body until it finds a suitable spot to bite and consume blood.  This process can transmit a variety of serious diseases including Lyme, Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis.

Our ORGANIC Mosquito, Flea and Tick spray is an all-natural product that is excellent for Tick control, as well as Mosquito and other annoying insects. The application typically dries within a couple of hours, allowing for you to quickly & safely resume enjoying your property! If you are not enrolled in this program and would like to learn more, contact us here.