How to Hire the Best Driveway Design Contractor in Bergen County, NJ

driveway design contractor Bergen County NJA driveway can improve the appearance of your property and make it easier for you to park.

You may be interested in a new driveway because your old one doesn’t suit your needs. You may also be planning new construction and desire one that will give your home curb appeal.
It’s extremely important to choose the best driveway design contractor in Bergen County, NJ. Hiring someone who will perform quality work can make the difference in how satisfied you are with your driveway as well as ensuring it is long lasting.

Doing Research Online

Looking at the different websites of driveway contractors can help you learn a little bit more about them. While you’re perusing a website, pay attention to how well put together it is. Check over the content to see if it is informational and well written, as this indicates subject-matter expertise. You’ll also want to look at pictures of completed projects in northern NJ in order to get a better idea as to what types of driveways this contractor designs.

Talking with Driveway Contractors

Talk with representatives of some of the companies you’ve researched. This will give you a better idea of their skills and experience, and will help you choose the best driveway design contractor. Ask them things such as how long they have been in business in northern New Jersey, what experience they have designing driveways and whether or not they have won any design awards. This should help you narrow down your choices to two or three potential contractors.

Checking References

Once you’ve narrowed down the best driveway design contractor to two or three companies, you can then begin doing a little background research. Ask these companies for the names of customers who have recently had work performed. If possible, try to find people as close to your northern New Jersey home as possible so that you’ll be able to stop by and look at their driveway in person.

Many companies will have testimonial sections on their websites, which would be helpful to read.

Inspect Their Work

It’s hard to tell who might be the best driveway design contractor without comparing samples of each one’s work. Contact the references they have provided you and ask whether or not it would be possible to look at the driveway in person. When doing so, you should:

  • Make sure the apron, which is the transitional area between the driveway and the street is flush and level
  • Inspect the top surface to ensure there are no streak marks
  • Look for  water standing on top of the surface
  • Compare the materials used to the exterior of the home and think about whether or not they complement this area nicely

If you notice any of these problems, this could indicate that the driveway design was not carefully thought out.  Avoid doing work with companies that do not provide spectacular results, as you could end up being stuck with a driveway you’re unhappy with.

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