Tips to Enhance Your Landscape Design Before Selling Your Home

Landscape design will increase your home’s curb appeal and add serious value to your property


If you’re looking to attract potential homebuyers then you may know: your landscape design is the calling card of your property. First impressions are lasting ones, and you want to impress potential buyers from the moment they approach your house from outside. 

Give yourself at least a month to get your landscaping ready for house showings. You can work with a landscape design and maintenance company so things look top-notch, and to make sure you haven’t forgotten any important details. Read on to discover ideas for how to spruce up your landscaping and add real wow-factor to your home before you sell. 

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Simple landscape design tips to increase your curb appeal


Clean Up Your Yard. Work with your landscaping company to clean up your yard and make it look fresh and attractive for potential buyers. 

  • Mow the lawn and clear it of debris like loose leaves or fallen branches. A vibrant, clean lawn is a real eye-catcher and makes your property look neat and well-maintained.
  • Freshen up the mulch in your garden beds. Mulching beds will make the colors pop and, together with clean edging, create a fresh and well-organized look to your yard.
  • Trim and prune trees and shrubs to maximize their attractive shapes. Your landscaping company can help you make sure it’s the right time of year to trim plants and help you get it right.


Spruce Up Plant Beds and Gardens. Sometimes plants can start to look a little crowded or run down in-between maintenance services. 

  • Tidy annuals and perennial plants so they look their eye-catching best.
  • Dig up and pot any plants you don’t intend to leave behind now. Your buyers should see the property just as you intend to leave it.
  • Consider labeling your plants so buyers can have their questions answered before they even have to ask them.


Tidy Up Water Features. Make sure your water features are sparkling clean and address any irrigation issues, too.

  • Clean out fountains and water features of any algae so they look crystal-clear and sparkling just as they are meant to. If you have an old fountain that no longer works, clear it from sight and put a decorative planter in its place.
  • Check your faucets and irrigation system for any leaks or damage and have it repaired in advance of showings. You don’t want to stick your buyers with the unanticipated cost of repairs or leaks.
  • Turn on your irrigation system in advance of home showings so your landscape looks fresh and clean when potential buyers come through.


Add Decorative Plantings For a Punch of Color. Nothing makes a home more attractive than bursts of glorious color.

  • Add a few decorative planters to your landscape for pops of color that will turn heads.
  • Consider adding seasonal color and invest in some plantings to catch your buyer’s attention.
  • Jazz up patios and decks with large container plants that will significantly increase the appeal of your outdoor spaces.

Call the professionals

There’s an endless list of things to consider and improve upon when you’re preparing to sell your home. Call the professionals to take landscape design off your list. You can rely on them to enhance the beauty of your home while you are dealing with other things. 

Don’t ignore the importance of a beautiful, verdant landscape design when it comes to selling your home. Call Borst at (201) 989-0902 or contact us online and talk to us about how curb-appeal can seriously increase the value of your property.