Expert Tips on When to Weed and Feed Lawns


You may be surprised about when to weed and feed lawns properly

There are a lot of factors to consider when figuring out when to weed and feed lawns. In case we’ve already lost you — “weed and feed” is a general term for lawn treatments that contain weed killer and fertilizer. You can find these products at your local home & garden store in two different varieties: liquid spray and (dry) granules. It’s important to follow product instructions closely. Misused or overused “weed and feed” can have the opposite effect you’re going for, leaving a yard scorched and patchy. 

Truth be told, although “weed and feed” is a convenient one-and-done application, it’s not ideal for your lawn’s overall health. The best time to kill weeds is not the best time to fertilize, and vice versa. If you go the DIY “weed and feed” route, consult our tips below, but we strongly advise you to reach out to the experts before potentially risking the appearance of your lawn.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of When to Weed and Feed Lawns

1. Apply “weed and feed” even if you knocked out last year’s weeds.

Many seeds of undesirable plants are almost too small to see, and they travel easily on the wind. Hardy dandelions with their hard-to-pull-up taproot have the most infamous of floating seeds, a favorite of wish-making children. When to weed and feed lawns isn’t determined by how well your lawn did last year, because new crops of ragweed and nimblewill are just a strong breeze away.

2. Apply “weed and feed” shortly after a rain, but with clear skies ahead.

The weed-taming chemical in post-emergent “weed and feed” is a leaf-targeted herbicide. In order for it to take effect, it needs to be applied once weeds are growing. 

Learning when to weed and feed lawns is all about timing. Make sure the weather will be clear after you apply because rain could wash all the treatment away. For the same reason, hold off from watering your grass for a couple of days after applying “weed and feed.”

3. Apply “weed and feed” no more than twice a year … or better yet, just call Borst.

When trying to figure out when to weed and feed lawns, it may seem that more applications are better for a lawn that’s really struggling. But at that point, lawns need more help than a store-bought product can provide. It’s time to call in the experts.

Important note: over-application of “weed and feed” can be harmful to local wildlife.

Switching to an Organic Approach is Worth the Investment

At Borst Landscape & Design, we have an organic lawn care program that is much safer for the environment and your family. Yes, you could say we know when to weed and feed lawns, but our honest answer is “ideally never.” Make the investment in an organic approach applied by experts with three decades of experience and loyal, satisfied clientele. 

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