Fall Plant Container Ideas Bring Charm to Your Autumnal Landscape

fall plant container ideas

Add seasonal charm to your landscape with these fall plant container ideas

Fall container gardens are a wonderful way to add color, atmosphere, and festivity to your landscaping. If you already feature planters in your landscaping, you can change them out with flowers and plants that thrive in the cooler temperatures of autumn. Or, peruse these fall plant container ideas for creating a display on your property to help you ring in the season.

At Borst Landscape & Design, we believe you deserve beauty all season long. Designed to enhance the beauty of your home, showcase your personal style, and ensure your space is welcoming and inviting, our seasonal displays are highly personalized and professionally designed.

Partner with Borst to create fall plant container ideas that will feature your favorite colors and textures of the season, and let us do the work. Reach out for a free consultation for this or any seasonal display.

Fall plant container ideas

If you are looking for fall plant container ideas, you probably already have an appreciation for the colors and textures of a fall display. 

Your unique fall container garden could be centered around a single statement planter to anchor your landscape. This works great for an entryway or front porch. Or you could celebrate autumn’s harvest bounty with many beautiful planters overflowing with color. No matter what your style – is it a rustic farm display you crave or a refined ornamental garden of cold-tolerant blossoms? – you can embrace the season with fall plant container ideas suited to you. 

Here are just a handful of examples of fall plants to include: 

  • Simple pollinator favorites like black-eyed Susans 
  • Showy dahlias that also look great cut for the vase on your table
  • Traditional mums and asters in an array of fall colors
  • Showy vegetables like ornamental kale, cabbage, and peppers
  • Foliage and grasses, from ivy to herbs to fountain grass

Surround your planters with pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, and other signs of the season for extra charm.

Where to create a seasonal landscape display

These fall plant container ideas wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at where to display them. Every home is unique, so choosing the best location is up to you. Here are some great places to place a seasonal display to add atmosphere, color, and festivity to your surroundings at home this autumn. 

Porches and Decks. Arrange fall plant containers, decorative pumpkins and gourds, or other items showing fall’s bounty on the stairs, railings, or even a windowsill to help give your outdoor spaces some seasonal flair. 

Waterfalls and Ponds. If you have a waterfall or pond on your property, enhance the natural beauty of the space with lights or seasonal elements that will create atmosphere.

Entryways and Walkways. The entryway is the face of your home, and it makes a great spot to create a welcoming and colorful display to celebrate any season. 

Seasonal displays by Borst Landscape & Design

As the seasons change in northern New Jersey, your landscaping can as well. Borst is here to help you create a seasonal landscape display that will turn heads and give you a feeling of festivity and pride. 

We’ll incorporate your favorite colors and textures and ensure that your displays are as unique and personalized as possible. Check out our seasonal landscaping tips and get in touch for your free consultation.

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