Fall Seasonal Landscape Design Ideas

Halloween landscape design company Bergen County NJAs the weather gets colder and summer flowers fade away, why not keep things in bloom with a fresh burst of fall seasonal landscape design. While most associate flowers and landscape decor with summer months, there are a variety of plants that can transform your outdoor space to feature and complement the beautiful shades of fall. Especially these days as more time is spent at home, an appealing yard will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

How do you Decorate Outdoors in the Fall?

With any season, it’s important to decorate around what’s in bloom. Flowers like mums and marigolds not only survive the cooler fall temperatures but create the neutral orange, brown, and purple color schemes that make fall so special and distinct. An inviting array of fall colors welcomes your home to fall gatherings and creates a sense of warmth that makes time at home that much more special.

Best Flowers for a Fall Garden

When you think of fall seasonal landscape design, you probably don’t think of plants; however, the right types are just as important to a fall garden as they are at any other time of the year. A few plants that might be incorporated into your garden could include:

  • Red maple
  • Marigold
  • Plentifall pansies
  • Toad lily
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Goldenrod
  • Russian sage
  • Sedum

These plants can be arranged in brightly colored containers or in existing flower gardens to add splashes of color that will help to accent the changing leaves. To add visual interest, some corn stalks, straw brooms, or pumpkins could be included as well.

How do you Decorate with Corn Stalks?

Corn stalks add height and create depth in your fall seasonal landscape design. Create a focal point in your garden by using corn stalks alongside a bale of hay and some pumpkins or even highlight an entryway with corn stalks on either side of your front door. Consider tying corn stalks to your mailbox, fence, or a light post alongside a mum and pumpkin to create a seasonal fall display. Corn stalks can even be cut down to fill a barrel or create an outdoor bouquet in a small pot.

How do you Display Mums?

Coming in all shapes and sizes, mums are a staple when it comes to fall season landscape design. Mix and match colors to complement one another or even choose one color mum to create a distinct color scheme. Mums can stand alone in their own pot, or be mixed with other flowers like grass or marigolds as an array featured in a window box. For a more creative look, carve out pumpkins to act as pots for mums and other flowering plants.

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How can I make my House Beautiful Outside?

Your front door is the perfect spot to start your fall seasonal landscape design. Here you can easily hang an autumn wreath and if you have a front step, sit pumpkins and gourds alongside to boost warmth and create an inviting appeal. Containers brimming with fall flowers could be placed near the steps to your porch to help draw people in.

Perhaps you have items in your yard that aren’t being used as often now that the temperatures are somewhat cooler. Think about adding marigold or plentiful pansies to a birdbath so that it can be used as a focal point. Surround it with a small bale of hay, pumpkins, and more potted flowers and you have a simple yet elegant that helps to usher in the season.

Don’t ignore your existing evergreens. Containers full of Russian sage, chrysanthemum, or sedum can be placed underneath pine trees or around shrubs during this time of year. The bright blossoms of these flowers will contrast with the deep green needles of your evergreens, thereby helping them appear even brighter.

Choosing A Fall Seasonal Landscape Design Company in Bergen County

At Borst Landscape & Design, we specialize in fall seasonal landscape design in Bergen County, NJ. Our team of award-winning experts would love to help you plan a fall garden that will enhance your curb appeal while also helping you make the most of the natural autumn beauty that’s common here in Bergen County.