Custom Fire Pit Design For Optimal Outdoor Enjoyment

fire pit design

Warm up to these fire pit design ideas and enjoy the long summer nights ahead

There’s something about gathering around a fire that creates an inviting feeling of coziness like nothing else. Adding a fire feature to your yard can give you a reason to spend more time outside, from relishing the long summer nights to gathering close with loved ones to face the winter cold. A custom fire pit design will welcome you outdoors at any time of year.

One of the leading landscape design companies in New Jersey, Borst has more than 20 years of experience designing attention-grabbing and functional fire pits that reflect each customer’s unique personality. If you’re interested in fire pit design and installation on your property, Borst Landscape & Design is the partner you need. 

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Fire pit design for any home

Fire pits are popular because they are so accessible and give you so many options for design and location. They are easy to build, reasonably priced, and can be located almost anywhere in your backyard, including on your patio or deck. Unlike outdoor fireplaces, fire pits don’t have tall chimneys that block scenic views or the faces of your guests as you gather all the way around them. A fire pit design can be customized to fit perfectly in a small or large yard, to create a perfect spot that’s unique to your property. 

Picture it now: a cup of tea while the fire radiates warmth at your feet. A cozy gathering place for entertaining your dearest friends. A fun spot for the kids to roast marshmallows without the hassle of camping. Who wouldn’t want to upgrade their living with a fire pit design to enjoy the outdoor spaces of home in a new way?

What to consider 

When you imagine the fire pit design of your dreams, picture a focal point for your yard that radiates inviting warmth. A fire pit allows you to gather all the way around it and may look best in its own defined area of your property. Or, it can be installed right into your existing patio. When planning for a fire pit to be the centerpiece of your evenings it’s important to think about your property’s unique features and work with them. 

There are benefits to fire pit design that places your fire near home, just a step out the door. Or you may prefer to place your fire at some distance, creating an oasis to gather around in its own featured spot, perhaps after you follow a charming garden pathway to the cozy destination.

Fire pits should be built low to the ground with walls that are at least 12-inches high. They can be wood burning or fueled by gas. Gas fire pit design accounts for a gas line that must be trenched and piped to a connection point at the house. They are a little pricier but easier to maintain, and you don’t need to purchase or chop wood.

Outdoor fire pits can be built in any shape and size. Most fire pits that are dug into the ground are round, but many above-ground fire pits, like those used on patios and decks, are rectangular or square. Your fire pit design will take into consideration location, shape, materials, use, and what sort of fuel you prefer. 

Add fuel to your fire pit design

Hiring a professional for your fire pit design ensures a beautiful look, ultimate functionality and maximum safety for your property. Contact the fire pit design experts at Borst Landscape & Design and tell us about your dream of summer evenings by the fire.

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