There’s Nothing as Inviting as a Fire Pit Installation

fire pit installation


Fire pit installation is the best way to make new memories in your own backyard

Gathering around a fire with friends or loved ones is one of the most classic ways to enjoy your home’s backyard. All through the long summer evenings and into the cooler nights of fall, fire pit installation for your backyard offers the perfect atmosphere to come together – or to enjoy a quiet moment at the end of the day.

Whether your fire pit is rustic or elegant, fire pits bring a simple pleasure like nothing else and amplify your home’s outdoor spaces. 

At Borst Landscape & Design, we create custom outdoor fire pits that are attention-grabbing and functional while reflecting each customer’s unique personality. Contact us today for more information about a custom fire pit installation for your northern New Jersey home. 

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The benefits are many

It’s important not to underestimate the value of an outdoor gathering place for your home. There is a particularly good feeling that comes from sitting beside the fire, whether it’s for a solitary evening of reflection or for a playful family gathering complete with s’mores and campfire tales. Fire pit installation is about creating an inviting space for making memories. 

If you love to entertain, bringing guests around the fire is a wonderful way to make connections. Gathering at the fire pit is cozy and atmospheric, and makes a wonderful ending to parties and events. It’s also a great cap on a family dinner – or, enhance your fire pit with a grate to allow you to cook meals right outside.

There are material benefits as well. Fire pit installation adds value to your home and elevates the beauty of your backyard. If you are considering selling your home soon or in the future, a fire pit enhances the desirability of your home and makes your outdoor space a place of welcome that prospective buyers will find attractive. 

Custom fire pit installation

Many homeowners simply do not realize how many options there really are when it comes to fire pit design. From size to materials to style, you have a lot of freedom to craft the perfect space for your needs and tastes. 

Popular materials for fire pit installation include brick, stone, or concrete. Each of these materials is waterproof and heat-resistant, which makes them equally good options depending on the look you prefer. A simple way to get started when selecting materials is to think about what is already present in the exterior of your home. You want to create a fire pit that will elegantly suit the look of your property. 

Fire pits can vary widely in size, depth, and appearance. They can be raised or sunken and even constructed to include built-in seating. They can burn wood, charcoal, or gas, and take many forms, from functioning like a grill to a bonfire. What fire pits have in common is that they are meant to be gathered around so you can see one another’s faces across the fire. 

With so many options, it’s important to partner with a professional to achieve your ideal design.

Partner with Borst 

One of the leading landscape design companies in New Jersey, Borst has more than 20 years of experience to bring to your unique fire pit installation. 

We will help you navigate all the choices – from location to material, size and style, and more. 

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