The Ultimate French Drain Design Guide for Bergen County, NJ

If you have trouble with standing water or erosion, a French drain could just be the answer. These drains are designed to whisk water away from trouble areas to prevent these problems from occurring.

When it comes to French drain design, it’s important to have a landscape design company in Bergen County, NJ on hand to help with the design and installation of French drains.

Characteristics of a French Drain

A French drain is essentially a trench or ditch with gravel laid over the top. While this may sound pretty basic, there’s actually quite a bit involved in creating one. In order for a French drain design to be effective, there are several things that must be carefully considered including:

  • Location – In order to ensure the drain is able to catch water

  • Depth – As the drain should not overflow easily after a heavy storm

  • Where runoff is directed – This may be governed by local environmental or zoning laws

  • Safety – You want to prevent people from falling in the drain

  • Appearance – It’s important that the trench doesn’t detract from your landscape, which is another reason why hiring a professional is strongly recommended

  • Drainage – Precisely the right type of gravel needs to be used  in order to allow for good drainage

  • Location of utility lines – This could affect where a contractor is able to dig

Choosing a Contractor

When selecting a contractor to help you with French drain design in Bergen County, here are some things you should look for:

  • Experience – Find out how many French drains a particular company has done in the past, and ask whether these have been for residential or commercial clients

  • References – Are they able to provide references?

  • Guarantee – How long will it take to have a French drain modified if it isn’t working properly after the initial installment?

  • Type of equipment – A commercial trencher is ideal for installing French drains

The right French drain design can help keep your property from developing unsightly problems due to water runoff. Before creating a French drain, contact a professional for more information and assistance.