French Drain Installation Prices in Bergen County, NJ

french-drain-pricesFrench drains carry a legacy of more than 200 years of diversity and design, and are still the most effective method of removing surface or underground water from areas susceptible to water damage.

There are several factors that can alter the installation of a French drain that will ultimately decide on the final price. If you are considering having one installed for your basement, yard, walkway or driveway in Bergen County, here are some things to consider before talking to a professional landscaping company.

Types of French Drains

There are four types of French drains to choose from, and each serves a different purpose. Filter drains collect ground water, while collector drains work with underground water. Dispersal drains work to distribute the decanted contents of a septic tank into a drain field, and an internal French drain is designed to collect water from a basement. Each type of installation is characterized by individual complexity and simplicity that can affect cost.

Analyze Your Terrain

It’s important to know the lay of the land when it comes to French drain installation. Areas with a large amount of hills and slopes may see an increase in prices to account for the extra work needed to make sure your French drain can drain properly.

Susceptibility or Sensitivity of the Area

French drains are made to collect water that may be accumulating in the wrong places that could potentially cause more damage to structures in the area or the landscape in general. The drain installation is not designed to stop water from collecting, so the complexity of the installation is factored by the amount of water that could be running off the surface, or the amount of water that could be running underground.

Sometimes, the water may have already caused the damage that a French drain would have averted. Because of this, additional costs could arise if reconstruction is necessary.

Due to a high volume of water flow, a common occurrence in northern New Jersey, it may be necessary to install two or more underground French drain pipes. This is usually done to circumvent possible clogs that could ensue if the drains are hit with too much water at once.


It’s difficult to give an exact price for French drains due to the amount of factors that go into the pricing and since all installations are conducted following regional codes for standardization. While it may seem complicated, having a French drain could help in protecting your property or home from water and moisture damage.

To determine just how your French drain prices change, you may want to contact your French drain experts in Bergen County to perform an evaluation on your property or home.

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