The Best Garden Design Company in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for a unique garden design company to transform your Bergen County yard into a special place? Do you have tons of ideas but not enough time or know-how to do the job? If you live in northern New Jersey, you are in luck.

Borst Landscape & Design is an award-winning, professional and full-service landscape design and build firm. Our design experts can take your dream garden from planning to perfection. The wide range of services we provide insures a quality project done right, on time and within your budget.

Garden Design Professionals in NJ

Borst Landscape & Design has more than 75 employees, many with years of experience at the company. This assures clients they are getting exceptional job performance for their garden design projects. Employee longevity sets this garden design company apart from its competitors.

The firm’s founder and owner, Mark Borst, holds degrees in Landscape Architecture and Ornamental Horticulture. Three field managers, all Certified Landscape Technicians, assist him in the operation of the company.

Considerations for a Garden Design Company

A great garden design company can do wonders for your New Jersey yard, both front and back. A few things to consider are:

  • Lifestyle – Consider your lifestyle and what function you need your yard to play. Do you have children? Dogs? An effort ┬áto keep them protected might be in order. You might want the area to be private and serene. Or you might want to entertain and have scores of people roaming the grounds. You may have to prioritize what you need in your northern NJ yard and garden.

  • Design Style – Reflect on what style you want to use in your garden design. You will want this area to transition effortlessly from the interior of your home. Make sure lines, shapes, colors and textures blend with the overall theme of your homestead. Several design choices may come into play for you including modern, rustic, traditional or eclectic. Make sure your Bergen County yard and garden design is an extension of your overall home design.

  • Plants – You will want to incorporate a few plants in the design. There are plenty of options here. Consider plants native to your area, fragrance, color, foliage, height and other factors when thinking of a plant pallet. These plants can either be a focal point of your garden design or you may just want them to blend into the larger setting.

  • Get Real – Of course, there will be things you will have to take into account before proceeding with your project. You have to consider your budget and what you are comfortable with. Realize there will be on-going maintenance costs. You may have specific homeowner association rules and regulations that you have to follow. There may also be city and county codes you have to adhere to. Just recognize that you may have rules to obey.

  • Help from a pro – Of course, you don’t have to know much, or anything, about what was just listed. Getting help from a landscape company is always your best bet when contemplating a project such as garden design. The landscape expert will be able to take your garden ideas and fabricate a plan that incorporates all their training and knowledge into the garden design.

For your money you can’t go wrong by calling Borst Landscape & Design, a great garden design company. With many years in business, long-serving employees, certified staff, tons of projects under our belts and an organic view of things, our experts will serve you well.