A Garden Designer’s Ideas For Shady Areas in Bergen County, NJ

garden designer bergen county njIf you have a lot of shade in your yard, you know that gardening in those areas can be quite a challenge. While most plants prefer sun there are many that grow quite well in the shade.

It requires plenty of expertise to cultivate a garden in the shade though and your best bet is to call in a professional garden designer in Bergen County, NJ for assistance.

An Abundance of Trees

A professional garden designer will be able to help you with garden design ideas for shady areas. Many areas in Bergen and Passaic Counties, and northern New Jersey in general, have been lived in for hundreds of years. Mature trees abound and provide ample shade for homeowners in these areas. This presents a problem when trying to garden.

Garden Design Ideas for Shady Areas in Bergen County NJ

If you have plenty of shade there are many things you can to liven up your yard. Just remember that gardening in these areas can be tough and it may be best to call a profesional for help and advice. A few ideas follow:

  • Paths – A path divides up an area and can be lined with visually pleasing plants. The course can be used to train the eye on a focal point in your garden. Path’s are very versatile.
  • Reduce grass – Even grass labeled as shade-tolerant will have a hard time growing in the shade. Instead of fighting to keep a big patch of grass looking nice, cut down on the expanse of grass. Plant shade-loving plants around the grassy area or do away with grass altogether and plant ground cover.
  • Retreat area – Pick out a secluded area in your garden. Add a nice bench and some flowers and you are ready to enjoy a cool drink on a hot day. You can create your very own oasis in your yard.
  • Use color – To liven up shady areas use color as much as possible. Green is a lovely color but yellows and gold shine in shady areas. Pick out a palette of complementary colors and jazz up your shady garden area.
  • Use art – Consider mixing in fun and quirky objects into your garden design. These pieces will lend personality to the area. They will add charm, and maybe even light, to the garden.
  • Add Water – A water feature in your garden, such as a stream or a pond, adds visual appeal. This feature can be made a focal point for the garden and complementary plants can be added to highlight the area.
  • Architecture – Use interesting and unique objects to decorate your garden area. Pieces such as millstones, old barrels used as planters and more can be incorporated into the overall garden design.
  • Plants – Of course, the idea of having a garden is to have plants. There are many plants that can be used in a shady garden area. Shade-loving plants come in a variety of colors, textures, sizes and some even provide fragrance. Study the wide range of options for your garden. This can be a daunting task so don’t hesitate to call a professional for help.
  • Layers – Use layers in your garden to add interest. The area is already shady so you know you have trees. Add plants and objects of varying heights to keep your garden interesting and provide focal points.

When thinking of garden design ideas for shady areas it is best to enlist the help of a professional garden design company. The unique concerns of shady area gardening are challenging but not insurmountable! Have a great garden design and have fun in your garden.