Granular Humic Acid for Lawn is Your Turf’s New Best Friend

humic acid for lawn

Granular Humic Acid for Lawn Care: Working with One of Nature’s Best Offerings for Healthy Grass

You want to know more about granular humic acid for lawn care. Humic acid is an amazing natural substance with an array of benefits for lawn and soil health. Read more and get to know the incredible properties of humic acid and how it can support the lush, green lawn of your dreams.

Borst Landscape & Design’s organic lawn care services work with nature to keep your lawn healthy. The Borst approach manages your landscaping in a way that is simply better for your grass, better for your family, and better for your pets. And that means better peace of mind.

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What is humic acid and how does it help?

Humus is the broken-down plant material in the soil that worms, bugs and microbes have decomposed into its most basic form. While the specific content of humic acid varies, it’s basically made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. In other words, it’s nutrient-rich, which is great for plants. Different soils will naturally contain varying quantities of humus. Sandy and unimproved clay soils tend to be seriously lacking in humus.

In addition to being a nutrient-dense fertilizer in its own right, humic acid is able to increase nutrient availability to plants. Watered into your lawn, it will allow the nutrients in the soil to more easily cross into your grass’s roots. Think of it like a food delivery truck for your lawn’s hungry roots. How? By providing carbon as a food source for soil microbes, humic acid increases microbial activity in your soil. Plus, coupled with an additional fertilizer application, it will make your fertilizer more efficient. 

Healthy grass roots and well-fed plants mean a thick, lush, green lawn that will invite you outside to lounge and play. Plus a gorgeous lawn adds curb appeal to your home and can increase its value and your sense of pride. 

Benefits of granular humic acid for lawn care

What does granular humic acid do for lawn care? Here’s a quick list of its incredible benefits.

  • A nutrient-rich fertilizer
  • Improves nutrient availability to plant’s roots
  • Helps with drought tolerance
  • Can increase chlorophyll production
  • Helps the soil by increasing microbial activity
  • Improved soil texture and water retention
  • Less run-off and erosion
  • Helps to optimize soil pH
  • And more!

Sounds great, now what?

Humic acid is a natural soil conditioner, part of nature’s cycle. When you mulch landscape plants and gardens with compost or bark mulch, you are providing the materials to create humic acid naturally. But what can you do to bring the benefits of humic acid to your lawn?

A professional landscape service can apply granular humic acid to your lawn. It’s important to apply the correct amount, evenly across the lawn where it needs it. Borst’s organic lawn care program stresses natural aeration, root stimulation, natural thatch control, and the use of secondary micronutrients to improve the condition of your soil by promoting healthier and stronger root growth. 

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