Healthy Soil Is the Focus of Our Residential Landscaping Services


Your front yard is what welcomes you home — we want it to make you smile. Borst’s residential landscaping services can help bring your yard to life — literally! — with perennial flowers.

Once winter begins to thaw and branches release their first bright green leaves, you can be sure that flowers are soon to follow. When spring comes on the scene, wouldn’t it be cheery to have a bright yellow forsythia bush exploding with blossoms at the end of your driveway? Can you imagine daffodils blooming by your front steps on Mother’s Day? Sketch out your ideal garden with our experts in residential landscaping services.

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Healthy Soil, Hearty Blooms

You can enjoy a perennial garden for years with minimal care and maintenance. Some perennial flowers, like peonies, will bloom for a lifetime. Others can last from three to fifteen years. As our experts in residential landscaping services will tell you, healthy soil is the key to keeping your perennials coming back vigorously year after year.

Aesthetic Harmony

Landscape design can help bring out your home’s different architectural features. The shades and textures of different flowers can accent the colors of the home, or create a particular mood. For example, there’s nothing quite like purple, fragrant wisteria climbing over a wooden trellis at a front gate. Not only are aromatic flowers gorgeous, but they also invite birds and butterflies to your property.

A Few of Our Residential Landscaping Services:

At Borst, we listen to science. The more we understand the potential impacts of chemicals on the health of our families and on the environment, organic alternatives just make more sense. We know it can seem overwhelming to learn how to make the switch, and that’s why we’re here to help. A big component of a healthy environment is healthy soil. Read on to learn how our residential landscaping services can keep your soil in balance to produce your most beautiful lawn and garden:

  • Soil Aeration — When the ground is aerated (that is, filled with small holes), it makes way for root systems to expand more easily. On top of that, roots need oxygen in order for their vascular systems to absorb water. The beneficial microbes which aid in nutrient uptake also need oxygen to survive.
  • Fertilization — Besides its efficacy, one of the reasons we love our organic fertilizer is because it’s biodegradable. Chemical fertilizers can actually cause soil and air pollution. Nitrogen, for example, can become runoff that makes its way into sources of drinking water. Biodegradable means that our fertilizer is naturally broken down by microorganisms over time.

As an added benefit, as organic fertilizers break down, they release nutrients and actually improve the structure of the soil, which increases its ability to hold water and nutrients.

  • Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Control and Weeding — Problem bugs are attracted by out-of-balance lawns and gardens. When we treat your soil with the nutrients it needs, nature often takes care of itself. Beyond that, most pests and weeds are manageable through manual removal.

Borst Landscape & Design is Your Ally In Maintaining Your Garden

A robust and vibrant garden is all made possible through healthy soil, dedication, and patience. Our residential landscaping services include everything you need to get the lawn you’ve been waiting for.

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