How Do You Get Rid of Deer in Your Yard? Borst Can Help!

how do you get rid of deer in your yard

Wondering “how do you get rid of deer in your yard?” Natural deer control works with nature. 


If you’re here, you have found yourself asking, “how do you get rid of deer in your yard?” Well, you’ve come to the right place!


Anyone who’s had deer in their yard knows that these lovely animals are a real nuisance. Deer are browsers, which means a nibble here and there can lead to serious devastation of your plants. They favor tender plants and young trees, and can do lasting damage. 


Plus, deer can carry pests like ticks, putting your loved ones at risk of insect bites or even disease.


A lot of what’s on the market to deter deer is obnoxious or heavily synthetic. But Borst has over 30 years of experience bringing natural and organic methods to landscape maintenance in Bergen County. We’ll work with mother nature to send deer packing. 


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Understanding deer comes first


Through a real understanding of deer’s preferences and tastes, you can actually work with your landscape to make it unappealing to them. 


For example, if deer love flowers like chrysanthemum, clematis, and roses, (and they do), then having those tender buds on display is asking for a deer buffet. You can swap those flowers out for deer-resistant varieties that offer the same colors that you love. 


Or if you simply must have those flower favorites in your gardens, you can plant them where they are less likely to become brunch. Planting close to the house, out of sight behind a hedge or on a level deer won’t easily access are proven methods to deter a deer’s voracious appetite.


Getting some ideas? Read on to learn more about making your yard unappealing to deer. 


How do you get rid of deer in your yard? Make your yard totally unappealing.


Ideally, you don’t want deer to ever find your yard or gardens appealing. If you know that there is a deer problem in your neighborhood, take that into consideration when you plan your landscaping. Deer have habitual eating patterns and they will return to the same spot over and over – unless they encounter a deterrent.


Luckily, we know what works, and we can work with you to build a beautiful landscape or garden design that the deer won’t get excited about. 


Here’s more on the proven methods of landscape design that help control deer:


Strategic plant selection: we know deer have favorites. They love tender, smooth plants in particular. While no plant is totally deer-proof, you can select plants that are less appealing to deer. These are often called “browse-resistant,” and include many attractive flowers and shrubs. When considering what plants to choose, pay attention to smell, texture and taste.


Deer are guided by their sense of smell. Adding patches of strongly scented herbs can deter them from foraging in the flowers. The herbs deer turn up their noses at are plants we tend to really enjoy the sight or smell of, such as garlic, chives, mint and lavender.


Deer are less likely to eat anything coarse, prickly or hairy. You can plant rough-textured choices close to more desirable plants to protect them. 


Deer detest bitter tastes. Using plants that are known to be less tasty to mask your more delicious selections can be a way to keep deer browsing at bay.


Strategic plant placement: As you work to maintain a deer deterrent landscape, remember that the best defense is often offense. Planting patches or borders of undesirable plants is one way to go. 


Planting favorite, vulnerable plants near the house or in high-traffic areas can keep deer too afraid to approach.


Hiding plants behind hedges, fences and walls, or using levels can also help keep them safe. It’s the rule of “out of sight, out of mind.”


Ready for a beautiful landscape that’s less appealing to deer? Borst will help you get rid of deer in your yard before they even find you.

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Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash