How Often To Spray Fruit Trees: Caring for Your Trees and Shrubs

how often to spray fruit trees

Here we look at tree sprays and how often to spray fruit trees

Fruit trees are just as rewarding for their ornamental beauty as for their harvest. They make a beautiful component to any landscape. But they are not without their challenges and are susceptible to various pests and blights. Caring for fruit trees is a big job and must be done right. Here we look at tree sprays and how often to spray fruit trees.

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A tree spray overview

There are a wide variety of fruit tree sprays, and each is appropriate to treat specific pests and diseases. Knowing how often to spray fruit trees and what time of year a particular spray is appropriate is integral to their use. It’s also important to keep in mind that many sprays rely on synthetic chemicals that you may not want in your landscape, so look out for products appropriate for organic gardening. 

Types of fruit tree sprays include:

  • General-Purpose Spray
  • Insecticide Spray
  • Fungicide Spray
  • Dormant Spray

General-purpose spray mixture is used to treat insects and fungi in a general manner rather than targeting a specific ailment or pest bothering your tree. This is what is often used annually to prevent pests and disease. 

Insecticidal sprays often require more than one application in a season. First use this spray when the flowers have just fallen off your trees – not before, to protect any pollinators still buzzing around. If needed, spray again after two weeks and again mid-summer.

Fungicide spray is used in the spring when temperatures are around 60 degrees but leaves have not fully opened. Persistent disease will require additional sprays through the summer.

Dormant spray, also known as horticultural oil, is generally only used at the end of winter before the leaf buds begin to open. However, all-season horticultural spray can be used even during the growing season when mixed properly.

How often to spray fruit trees

So, how often to spray fruit trees? Many gardeners make spraying fruit trees a part of their annual practice for tree care. It can really help to speak to a landscape professional about what the best practice is for your unique property. 

No matter how large your property is, Borst can keep your trees and shrubs healthy, lush, and pest-free. We’ll work with you to come up with a plan to care for your trees and shrubs. From fertilizing to supplementing the soil’s nutrients and stimulating plant growth, to applying additional nutrients to increase disease resistance, we’ll work tirelessly to figure out how to make your trees as beautiful and productive as possible.

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Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash