How to Prepare My Yard for Spring Outdoor Living and Entertaining

After a long winter and in challenging times, it’s comforting to look ahead to getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather with family and friends. The good news is you can plan now for spring outdoor living and entertaining. Winter takes a toll on your yard, and just like the inside of your home needs spring cleaning, your yard needs to be spruced up before it is ready to be used as a recreational space.

Spring Outdoor LivingHow do I Prepare My Yard for Spring?

Borst Landscape and Design suggest the following actions that you can take now to prepare your yard for spring outdoor entertaining:

  • Removing dead leaves, plants, and limbs
  • Trimming bushes and trees
  • Mulching, weeding, mowing, planting and transplanting
  • Nourishing with safe, family-friendly organic treatments
  • Repairing and treating hardscapes

Borst Landscape and Design can help you prepare your yard so that it looks fresh and beautiful for spring and outdoor living and entertaining.

When should I Start Preparing My Yard for Spring?

It is never too early to start preparing your yard for spring and outdoor living and entertaining. But following nature’s cues is a good way to gauge when to begin. For some, that means when they see the first robin of spring. For others, it is after the last frost of winter. Borst Landscape and Design is usually ahead of the curve and are happy to give tips and advice or come out to your property to see what you need to prepare your yard for spring.outdoor party

What is the Fastest Way to Clean Up My Yard?

Cleaning up your yard can seem overwhelming. Depending on how you did with your fall cleanup, there may be dead leaves and plants in your garden, limbs were strewn about your property, and somehow those pesky weeds seem to be the first to come up. Spring outdoor living and entertaining sounds great, but how do you clean things up quickly so you can start enjoying the weather? Borst Landscape and Design recommend an approach of starting with the big, high impact things first. Clearing the gardens and yard of dead leaves and sticks and limbs and mowing will give you a “clean slate” for spring planting and nourishing your yard so it will be ready for spring outdoor living and entertaining in no time. We can help. Call Borst Landscape and Design to schedule a spring cleanup so you can move forward in getting your yard up to snuff for spring outdoor living and entertaining.

What do I need for an outdoor party?

What you need for an outdoor party can vary depending on the type of party, but Borst Landscape and Design has some basic suggestions for your spring outdoor living and entertaining:

  • Space: Designate a level, dry area and clear it of debris and hazards like sticks, rocks, leaves, limbs, etc. And don’t forget to consider and plan parking areas.
  • Lighting: If your party will be in the evening, you will need lighting, which may be string lights, outdoor lighting fixtures, or standing lights. Again, don’t forget the parking areas!
  • Shelter: Shelter can vary from a shady tree to umbrellas, tents, awnings, canopies, or pop-ups. Always make a “Plan B” in case it rains.
  • Equipment: Tools and equipment may include grills, coolers, bar carts, music and speakers, serving equipment, activities and sports equipment.
  • Seating: Plenty of tables and chairs are a must whether you are eating, lounging, or playing at your spring party.
  • Ambiance: If your yard is a little blah, Borst Landscape and Design can spruce up your yard and add some pizazz, ranging from permanent gardens or planters with flowers, to walkways, decks, and pools. If you’ve got a vision for your spring outdoor living and entertaining needs, we can help you make it a reality.
    Food/Drink – Don’t forget the food and drink!


How do I Prepare for My Backyard Party?

Planning is key to prepare your backyard for spring outdoor living and entertaining. Your yard is the setting of your party, and the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of your guests depend on it. Borst Landscape and Design recommend starting with the “big picture” to decide if you need to add or remove trees, bushes, gardens, and planters as well as hardscapes like permanent lighting, walkways, etc. Then consider cleanup and maintenance, like removal of dead plants, trimming trees and bushes, and repairing and treating fences, decks, and walkways. Finally, think of nourishing plants and grass so your yard is the perfect “green carpet” for your family or guests. Borst Landscape and Design can help with the yard preparations so you can move on to creating your guest lists, choosing a theme, and obtaining the things you need for your party so your spring outdoor living and entertaining goes off without a hitch!

What Accessories do I Need for Spring Entertaining?

Lawn maintenance and weeding can be tedious, but accessories for spring outdoor living and entertaining are all about fun! Some are for function and safety, too, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Here are some suggestions from Borst Landscape and Design for accessories for spring outdoor living and entertaining:

  • Functional: Tables, chairs, grills, coolers, cookware, lighting, bar cart and tools, umbrellas
  • Aesthetic: Planters, trellis, arch, gazebo, new walkway, string lights, fountains
  • Fun: Kids’ activities, bean bag toss, water tables, ice-cream/ snack station, music and music speakers, fire pit, photo booth
  • Safety: Sunscreen station, towels, mats, water and drink station, signs and lighting for parking

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Award-winning Borst Landscape and Design have been helping our customers prepare for spring and outdoor living and entertaining for 30 years. Call us today to start planning your spring party.