How to Transition to Organic Lawn Care in Bergen County this Summer

As we learn more about the potential impacts that chemicals in our environment have on our health and the health of our ecosystem, organic alternatives to commonly used products have become more popular. There is growing support for using organic products and practices, but the transition to organic lawn care is uncharted territory for many homeowners. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know and do to transition to organic lawn care for your property in Bergen County, New Jersey before the summer ends.
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Why should I Switch to Organic Lawn Care?

Over time, using organic fertilizers as part of your organic lawn care program will help build a balanced foundation for both your soil and turf, making your lawn look healthy and strong. As an added benefit, as organic fertilizers break down, they release nutrients and actually improve the structure of the soil, which increases its ability to hold water and nutrients. Additional benefits of organic lawn care include:

  • Organic fertilizers are environmentally-friendly in that they are renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable.
  • Because the microorganisms needed to break down and release nutrients into the soil obtain energy from decaying plant and animal matter, an application of organic fertilizer provides a complete package of nutrients for your yard.
  • It’s very difficult to harm your lawn with organic fertilizers because they are slow-release products.

How do you Treat your Lawn Organically?

Organic lawn care encompasses the use of organic lawn fertilizers, natural pesticides, and sustainable lawn care practices, such as planting organic and native plants, composting, manually pulling invasive weeds, and encouraging the proliferation of beneficial bugs. Borst Landscape and Design believe that organic lawn care is a holistic approach to lawn care that utilizes the rejuvenation of soil, and the timing of organic fertilization and weed pulling appropriate for the geography and climate, to create a beautiful lawn.

lawn organicallyWhat’s the First Thing I Should do to Start Treating my Lawn Organically?

If you’re interested in transitioning to organic lawn care, the first thing you need to do is test your soil. The soil is where all plant life will begin and the health of the soil will determine the health of plants that rely on it for water and nutrients. Therefore, creating a healthy soil environment will promote the growth of a healthy, balanced, and resilient lawn. Borst Landscape and Design can begin your transition to organic lawn care through natural aeration of the soil and organic micronutrient treatments.

How Can I Make my Lawn Beautiful Without Chemicals?

A beautiful lawn does not always need chemicals, but instead dedication and patience. The basic steps to start organic lawn care are to first test your soil to understand the nutrient needs of your lawn, to aerate the soil to make room for root systems, to overseed your lawn with organic or native grass, and to fertilize your lawn with organic fertilizer. Sometimes pests and weeds will require a chemical treatment in order to eliminate them. However, most pests and weeds are manageable through manual removal or through the natural balance of predator pressure. When your lawn is allowed to grow without chemical intervention, productive soils, native plants and animals will find a home in your yard and naturally eliminate some problem bugs that are actually drawn to out-of-balance or artificial yards.

How do I Naturally Fertilize My Lawn?

There are several kinds of natural fertilizers you can use if you are committed to organic lawn care. Some natural fertilizers are in pellet or liquid form and are just as easy to apply as non-organic chemical fertilizers. In addition, there are natural fertilization techniques such as compost and leaf litter distribution. A professional from Borst Landscape and Design can help you choose the right natural fertilizer for your organic lawn care goals.

Can Professional Lawn Care be Organic?

Organic lawn care doesn’t have to be on you. The professionals at Borst Landscape and Design can guide you through the transition and help you choose the correct mode of action for the organic needs of your lawn. Contact the knowledgeable team at Borst today to ask about organic lawn care services or simply to ask questions about maintaining your lawn organically. Borst Landscape and Design offers the best lawn care in Bergen County, New Jersey, and can create a safe and natural place you are proud to call your own.
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