Infinity Pool Cost: Is it Worth the Luxury?

Infinity Pool Cost Bergen County, NJ
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Infinity pools used to be the stuff of exotic vacation getaways and resorts. Now, the same luxurious features found in these exclusive vacation destinations are being implemented in private backyards around Bergen County, NJ.

We’ve experienced a significant increase in customers who want to learn more about the additional work and costs involved in installing an infinity pool. While there is no way to provide an exact quote for an infinity pool cost, we can say that infinity pools are more expensive than their traditional swimming pool counterparts.

This is because, in addition to extra architectural design, building and lifetime maintenance costs, some properties are more conducive to an infinity pool than others.

Is an Infinity Pool Cost Worth the Luxury?

This is a decision homeowners need to make on their own. However, there are certain questions you can ask to determine whether an infinity pool or a custom version of a traditional pool is best for your Bergen County home.

Do you have the ideal backdrop? The most suitable backdrop for an infinity pool is an expansive vista. They are built most often on larger properties that enjoy considerable privacy. Ideally the property is sloped, or on a hilltop. If you live in a more urban setting, and the infinity pool directs the gaze right into a neighboring yard, you are better off designing a more traditional pool with enhanced features and plenty of beautiful landscaping to enhance your view and privacy.

Are you willing to invest extra money? Your infinity pools costs will be higher on the outset, as well as throughout the pool’s lifetime. In addition to the additional design and build costs, you will be responsible for increased maintenance costs to keep your pool working efficiently – and looking good – on a regular basis.

Is it okay if you don’t see a return on your investment? While pools can increase your property value, an infinity pool will never increase the value so much that you see a return on your investment when you sell. If you are interested in adding a gorgeous luxury feature to your landscape for the enjoyment of your family and guests, then you will never regret the investment.

What Factors Contribute to the Total Infinity Pool Cost?

Infinity Pool Cost Bergen County, NJ
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There are a variety of things to consider when designing an infinity pool for your backyard. In addition to factors like soil composition and slope, you may want to consider the infinity pool costs that stretch outside of the monetary realms, including safety and long-term environmental impact.

The cost of any swimming pool will be affected by multiple factors, including:

  • The size and shape of the pool.
  • Existing soil conditions and the slope of your property.
  • Finishing and patio materials.
  • Additional amenities such as lighting, water features, a hot tub, landscaping, etc.

Discuss Your Infinity Pool Plans with Your Local Building Department

Before you begin designing an infinity pool with a swimming pool contractor, schedule a meeting with your local building department. Due to safety and environmental concerns, many cities and counties are adopting stricter rules and regulations regarding the size and types of in-ground pools that can be installed. You might find that infinity pools are not allowed in your area.

If you live in a community that is governed by Homeowner’s Association, check their Rules and Regulations and/or communicate with an HOA board member to verify an infinity pool is permitted.

The Soil and Slope of Your Property Can Affect Infinity Pool Cost

For a traditional swimming pool, the ideal is a large area of relatively level ground. However, an infinity pool is designed to optimize the swimmers’ view. Ideally, you have a vista that creates the illusion of the pool disappearing into the horizon. Whether the water appears to spill into another body of water, a vivid downtown skyline, or a mountain view depends on where you live. If your property doesn’t have a natural slope, it will require additional excavation and construction to create the right angles for the infinity pool to “work.”

Also, the type of soil you have will impact excavation as well. Hard, compacted and/or rocky terrain is more difficult to work with than softer soil. That being said, if your soil is too soft, it is vulnerable to collapsing or compressing, which can compromise the integrity of the pool. In either case, the ground below and surrounding the pool may need to be filled with new-fill materials to provide the correct support for the finished product.

Infinity Pools Require Extra Equipment

Infinity Pool Cost Bergen County, NJ
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Besides the additional work required for the construction, the cost of an infinity pool is also increased because of the equipment required for the water to spill over and recycle. The pool is built with an “invisible edge.” This edge is slightly lower than the water line, so the water runs over.

This requires the construction of a trough – also called a weir – that captures the spilled water. Consequently, there is an additional pumping and filtration system required to move all the captured water back up into the pool. This also demands an advanced filtration system. All of these added design intricacies will increase your total infinity pool cost.

The Hidden Infinity Pool Costs

Once your infinity pool is finished, there are hidden costs that aren’t reflected in the initial price. Examples include:

  • Water loss: Typically, 70 percent of water loss from a pool occurs via evaporation. This rate of evaporation can be dramatically decreased by the use of a pool cover. However, the nature of an infinity pool’s design makes it impossible to cover. The water consumption required to keep your pool full will reflect that.
  • Energy loss: Similarly, a high-quality cover can reduce a heated pool owner’s energy  consumption by as much as 50 to 70 percent. Since you won’t be able to take advantage of energy-saving pool covers, your lifetime infinity pool cost will be increased in terms of extra energy expenditures. Make sure to ask your contractor about how a solar pool heater can help to off-set additional energy costs.
  • Safety costs. As mentioned above, infinity pools involve a drop-off at one or more edges to give the appearance of stretching into the horizon. Those drop-offs are a significant safety hazard, especially for young children. The invisible edge makes it impossible to provide safety fencing for young children and animals, which can potentially raise the cost of your homeowner’s insurance premiums.
  • Environmental impact. Due to the water and energy consumption listed above, infinity pools are not recommended for those who want to create a more sustainable landscape design.

It is important that you factor in these additional costs when deciding whether or not your infinity pool cost is worth the luxury. If you determine an infinity pool may not be for you, we can design a luxurious pool that is as seamlessly integrated into your landscape and can still provide that resort-like appeal.

Infinity Pool Installation in Bergen County, NJ

Are you considering adding an infinity pool to your Bergen County home? Finding a reputable swimming pool contractor is a necessity. Borst Landscape & Design has provided gorgeous swimming pool and patio installations for our Bergen County clientele since 1989. Our award-winning design team will ensure your backyard pool and landscape provides the ultimate outdoor living experience for your family.