July Seasonal Tips

lawn.jpgJuly can bring the scorching sun, high humidity, and a monsoon of rain, but caring for your plants should not be forgotten. Taking care of your flowers, shrubs, and even vegetables can be as simple as watering twice a day and cleaning them up.

  1. Give plants a mid-season feedings to keep the plants healthy. This will help ensure that your plants will thrive until autumn.
  2. Keep track of the rain. If no rain has occurred in two days then you should water your garden once in the morning and once in the late afternoon.
  3. If mulch seems dried out, be sure to replace it. Always water the mulch after placing in your yard.
  4. Keep your lawn at about 3”, to protect from the sun and heat of summer.
  5. Check your vegetables and berries daily, for they should be harvested before birds eat them, or the sun dries them out.
  6. Make sure to prune dead flowers and leaves from your plants. This will keep them healthy and green.
  7. Plant vegetables like broccoli carrots, turnips, lettuce and radishes now to enjoy a nice fall garden.
  8. Give some support to your larger plants. Stake and tie, top heavy plants such as foxgloves and delphiniums.
  9. Remember; do not start new lawn from seed now. The young grass will not survive the summer heat. If you have a new lawn you can add another application of seed, six months later to increase the turf density.
  10. To keep your lawn looking picture perfect feed lawn and outdoor potted plants with slow release nitrogen fertilizer.

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