How to Create a Landscape Design Plan For Your Bergen County Home

Does your Bergen County yard need a general makeover? Maybe there are just parts of your landscape that need refreshing? If so, it’s time to make an outdoor landscape design plan and get your homestead looking great.

A landscape design company can always help you design a plan, but it’s good to know about the process so you can be sure your ideas are heard.

Getting Started

Often the hardest part of a new design for your New Jersey yard is just getting started. You have so many things to decide that is can easily get very confusing. Some of the things you must consider are:

  • Walkways and patios

  • Plant and lawn choices

  • Lighting

  • Waterscapes

  • Retaining walls

All of these elements have to tie into a general theme for your yard. You will also have to decide if you want to do your front yard, back yard or both. Of course, that will depend on your overall budget. With all the options you have when thinking of an outdoor landscape design plan it is best to consult a professional landscape company to help you out in your endeavor.

The Plan

You will need to have some general idea of what you want your new northern NJ yard to look like. For this you will need to come up with a detailed drawing of your new landscape design. The steps needed for this part of your plan are:

  • Blueprint – You will need to sit down with a piece of paper and pencil and draw out exactly what you want. Or you could even build a scale model to help you out with the design. Mark the location of all structures, driveways, plants and other objects you have in your yard.

  • Zones – Divide your yard in zones with some type of grid. Think of how each area will be used and how it will fit into the overall design of your plan. Each zone can be farther broken down so you can have more space to draw in what you want.

  • Big Picture – You will now need to add elements to your drawing or scale model. You will want to show where new plants, water features, lights and other objects will be placed. Keep in mind that large trees have big root systems that can affect your new design.

This plan does not have to be an engineering marvel. A rough drawing or model should be sufficient to get your point across. If you choose to work with a landscape design firm, they will handle the job of making the plan pretty and professional looking.

The landscape design company can aid you in other big ways. They will know how to tie all the elements of your design together to make them look great and fit seamlessly. The firm will also know the ins and outs of city codes and ordinances that you must follow along with any homeowner’s association rules.

The main goal in creating your plan is to create a pleasing space that fits within your allotted budget. Spend plenty time on your plan and hone it down until you have it as you please.

Plan and Enjoy

Creating an outdoor landscape design plan should be fun and exciting. Making your New Jersey yard into an area to be proud of will take some planning. With the help of a good landscape design company you can design and build a great landscape and enjoy it for many years to come.