Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Adds Charm


Borst Landscape & Design’s gorgeous “hardscape” services only get better with some tasteful low voltage landscape lighting.

Our “hardscaping” features include dry-laid stone walls, patios, walkways, and plenty more. Each of those design features could easily incorporate lighting. The added benefit of low voltage landscape lighting is that it’s energy-efficient — which translates to dollars and cents saved.

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Build Your Getaway

Could you picture yourself retiring from the day, enjoying the night air and a glass of wine in your enclosed porch? Pretend it’s the summer, and it’s buggy out. Your patio screen keeps the mosquitos out while you read a book or listen to a podcast. That’s the life, right? Borst Landscape & Design could make that happen for you.

A Highlight Reel of Our Design Services

  • Enclosed Front Porch — An especially appealing feature for small homes, enclosed porches create a lovely middle ground between the indoors and the outdoors. With some low voltage landscape lighting and a heat lamp, you could even cozy up on the porch in the wintertime. An enclosed porch has many potential uses such as entertaining, relaxing, or storing boots and jackets in (like a mudroom).
  • Walkways — A winding path creates an inviting entrance to a home. To sweeten the deal, low voltage landscape lighting could help create a safe passage in the dark. Should you need a walkway installed, Borst has you covered. Our team of professionals can tailor the walkway to your home, offering a wide away of design materials such as stone, brick, or pavers.
  • Decorative and Retaining Walls — Enhance the beauty of your front yard with a decorative or retaining wall made from dry-laid stone. If you would want to build a stepped garden into the side of a hill, Borst can do it all: build the retaining wall, plant the garden, and install the low voltage landscape lighting as well!
  • Arbors and Trellises — There are few design features more dreamy than an arbor or trellis. As a door, they create interesting divisions of space. Attached to a fence, they could provide a passage from the front to the back yard. Dreamier still, they could lead to a quiet sitting area used for date nights or small gatherings.

Add Some Sparkle To Your Property with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

As a winner of multiple NJLCA Residential Landscape Design/Build Awards, you can trust Borst Landscape & Design to build gorgeous and durable additions for your home. 

Please visit our website to view our extensive portfolio of prior projects. When perusing, keep in mind that anything you see can be tailored to fit your own property. We could add lighting, change materials, color, etc. We love a new challenge!

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Borst Landscape & Design is a nationally recognized, award-winning, full-service landscaping company in Bergen County, New Jersey. 

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