May Landscaping Tips

May Landscaping TipsWatch for Pests

Do weekly spot-checks for Japanese beetles, scale, mites or aphids in your garden or shrubs.

Plant Veggies

It’s safe to plant now. Feel free to sow seeds of sweet corn, melons, squash, beans and cucumbers.

Water, Water, Water

Now is the time to install new irrigation or check your old system to make sure that it’s working correctly.

Plant and Beautify

Summer is the time to show your patriotism. Why not show it off in your garden. Mix and match your flowers, from flower type and color. Pick heat loving flowers like ageratum, calibrachao, celosia, geranium, lantana, pentas, petunia, verbena, zinnia.

It’s also time to dress your home with beautiful hanging baskets. There are a huge variety out there for any type of home and environment.

When are My Vegetables Ripe?

  • Garlic – Takes 9 months to grow. It is planted in the fall and picked in later July. When the cloves are full and firm and the tops turn brown, dig it up. Once picked, place bulbs in a warm shady spot after for two weeks. Then store in a cool place for six months.
  • Tomatoes – Can be planted anytime, but their prime is mid July to September. The color of will be mature whether it be red, orange, yellow. Pick them and keep them at room temperature. The fridge kills flavor and texture of the tomato.
  • Sweet Corn – The silk turns brown, not dry, and the kernels form fully. If there are dimpled kernels it is past peak.
  • Onions – Harvest your onions early summer to fall. It is ripe when green tops flip over in midsummer, meaning the onion has reached its full size. Once you pull them from the ground, store them in a shady spot or garage for a few weeks. Cut off the tops, and place indoors until you are ready to use them.

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