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mosquito and tick control services near me

Searching “mosquito and tick control services near me”? Borst is best for effective, natural pest control.

You’ve been searching the internet for “mosquito and tick control services near me” because you know these pests can really take a bite out of your outdoor fun. No one likes itchy bug bites  –  but the fact is, these pests are more than a nuisance. They are truly dangerous insects that put your loved ones at risk. In some cases, they can be active on warmer days all year round.

We understand that you don’t just want to eradicate these bothersome pests from your yard, you want to keep your family safe. Don’t turn to harmful synthetic treatments for mosquito and tick control. Borst’s environmentally-friendly control methods are safer for your family and pets. Our spray is the top-of-the-line, all-natural pest management solution.

We’ve been providing organic lawn care and pest control services to the Bergen County area for over thirty years, and we’re eager to help you find a natural and effective approach that works for you. 

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Mosquitoes and Ticks are Out. Protect Yourself.

Mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases, like west nile virus, triple E, or malaria. Ticks can transmit serious illnesses like lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever and others. In fact, according to the CDC, cases of vector-borne disease in the U.S. have more than doubled since 2004. This is primarily due to mosquitoes and ticks, who spread pathogens through their bites. And it’s not just a problem in the summer.

Fall is a great time for mosquito and tick control services

As Summer nights get shorter and the time for back-to-school shopping is upon us, it may seem like you can stop worrying about ticks and mosquitoes. But that is not the case! 

Autumn is a great time to spend time outdoors enjoying nature and the beautiful spaces around your home. While we may think there are fewer bugs as things cool down, there are species that stay active right through the season or even through the winter. Plus, mosquitoes and ticks are already making plans to come back in greater numbers next spring.

Did you know that ticks breed in October and November? And most mosquitoes, which breed every 4 weeks on average, just go dormant for the winter. This means that any eggs laid in the coolest months of fall will hatch when the weather warms up next year. So eliminating adult pests from your yard now is an important way to keep their numbers down next spring and summer. 

Bergen County, your search for “mosquito and tick control services near me” is over. When it comes to your outdoor spaces, you want the best, most effective treatment to control unwanted pests. But you also want the best for your family. 

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