Natural Lawn Care Is the Way to Go


Give Your Lawn an Organic Boost With Award-Winning Natural Lawn Care Services From Borst!

Are you concerned about using hazardous chemicals and sprays to treat your lawn? Perhaps you’re thinking about your environmental impact or concerned about the well-being of your family and pets. Your concern is well-founded. Although pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicides can seem like a good choice for a beautiful yard, you can have gorgeous outdoor spaces in balance with nature through a different approach. It’s time to try natural lawn care services from Borst Landscape & Design.

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Organic Practices: A More Healthy Way to Live

When it comes to your outdoor spaces, you want the best, most effective care. But you also want the best for your family. The common industry practice is to blanket your lawn with a host of hazardous chemicals. Why not work with nature instead? Our natural lawn care program stresses organic fertilization, natural aeration, root stimulation, and natural thatch control. Additionally, our award-winning service actually improves the condition of your soil by promoting healthier and stronger root growth.

The truth is, organic lawn care is simply safer – for soil, water, plants, animals, and people alike. Organic lawn care from the experts at Borst means that we take care of more than your property. We take care of your family, your pets, and the larger, interconnected environment. “Organic” isn’t just a trendy word to us. We’ve been offering the best in meticulous natural lawn care for over 30 years.

Healthy Soil Is Key to a Healthy Lawn

Did you know that synthetic fertilizers have a big environmental impact? They are highly soluble and can leach into the groundwater and other water sources, leading to contamination. What’s more, synthetic fertilizers can impact microorganisms in the soil. This can lead to a decrease in organic matter, acidification, and unhealthy soil.

A big part of a healthy environment for plant growth is healthy soil.

The science-based Borst approach works in concert with nature’s system of built-in checks and balances. We carefully prepare your soil to receive the microbial benefits of our natural lawn care program. Later, as our biodegradable, organic fertilizers break down, they release nutrients and actually improve the structure of the soil, which increases its ability to hold water and nutrients.

Natural Lawn Care Means Healthy Plants: From the Roots Up!

Additionally, natural lawn care promotes healthier root systems, which improves water distribution and retention. We use natural aeration agents so that root systems can expand naturally. Roots in an aerated lawn can better access the necessary oxygen they need to absorb water. What’s more, a foundational strong root system makes your lawn better at beating back disease and fighting stress from drought.

Organic lawn care from Borst is:

  • Natural
  • Fully Customizable
  • Effective

With over 30 years of expert experience behind us, Borst Landscape & Design is who you can count on for a gorgeous, healthy lawn in Bergen County, NJ. Choosing natural lawn care puts your lawn, your loved ones, and the environment in good hands. You can sit back and leave it to the leaders in organic lawn care.

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