Outdoor Fireplace Landscaping Costs: What to Expect

Outdoor Fireplace CostIf you’re thinking about an outdoor fireplace for your home, consider your landscape before you finalize your plans. Outdoor fireplace landscaping costs will be influenced by the existing conditions in your northern NJ backyard. To make sure your outdoor fireplace and landscape compliment each other and your home, consider some important factors.

Fireplace Location

The location you choose for your outdoor fireplace is an important factor in your outdoor fireplace landscaping costs. You can locate the fireplace close to your house on an adjacent patio or deck, or choose a more remote location away from the house. Either way, your outdoor fireplace should be easily accessible from the house and any adjacent structures like a guest house or pool house.

If you have a small yard with a patio or deck that adjoins the the house, you can attach the fireplace to the house or build it on the existing patio or deck. You can create an intimate setting near the house by landscaping around the patio or deck with a variety of small plants and shrubs for privacy and landscape lighting for atmosphere.

If you have a large backyard, you may want to build a separate patio or terrace area further from the house for your outdoor fireplace. This will create an additional area for outdoor entertaining that’s separated from the house. For privacy and seating, build low walls that adjoin the fireplace. Create a privacy screen with taller trees and shrubs around the entire area. Larger plants and trees will increase your outdoor fireplace landscaping costs, but a fireplace that’s located in a remote location requires more protection from rain and wind.

The size of your backyard will influence your fireplace location. If your existing deck or patio is too small to add a fireplace, you will need a second patio location. If you build your fireplace further from the house, you need to provide a safe passageway between the house and the fireplace. Add decorative walkways or pathways with adequate low-voltage lighting that connects the two areas. Create colorful walkway borders with a variety of flowers and foliage that add visual interest and texture to your landscape. .

Fireplace Safety

If you want to build an outdoor fireplace in a more remote area on your property, you may have extra outdoor fireplace landscaping costs to make sure the property is suitable for building.

Clearing Overgrowth

If you have overgrown trees or shrubs in your desired fireplace location, you will need to hire a landscape contractor to remove them or cut them back. Large trees or shrubs that are diseased or unstable can create a fire hazard. They can unexpectedly fall on your fireplace creating a fire and causing a lot of damage. Hire a professional landscape contractor to assess your property for an outdoor fireplace in a remote location.

Landscape Grading

If your backyard isn’t level, you may need to grade your landscape to provide a level surface for your outdoor fireplace and patio area. Heavy equipment and skilled workmen are needed on landscaping projects that involve grading and re-sloping, so you’ll need a professional contractor with proper knowledge and equipment to properly handle the job.

Drainage Problems

Outdoor fireplaces require proper drainage, especially if they are located in a remote property location. Winter conditions in Bergen County, NJ include rain and snow which can damage your outdoor fireplace if it doesn’t have adequate drainage. Talk to your landscape contractor about outdoor fireplace landscaping costs related to drainage and moisture problems.

Outdoor Fireplace Materials

An outdoor fireplace will quickly add warmth and atmosphere to your backyard. It will be the focal point in your landscape. Be sure to choose fireplace colors and materials that will compliment both your house and landscape setting. You can choose from various materials like natural stone, brick, slate or concrete that enhance your existing backyard landscape. Work with your landscape contractor who can help you choose the best materials that provide a seamless transition from the landscape to the fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Landscaping

  • Add landscape plants around the fireplace that are balanced in scale and proportion to the size of your fireplace. By creating layers, proper scale will feel more natural. Place taller plants or trees to the side and back of the fireplace and progressively smaller plants closer to the front of the fireplace and sitting area. Select plants that look natural in your existing landscape. You can lower your outdoor fireplace landscaping costs with proper planting techniques.
  • For added color and visual interest, you can place small planters on or around the fireplace. Select flowering plants that bloom at different times throughout the year for continued color. Choose plants, flowers and containers in colors that compliment the colors in your fireplace, furniture and adjacent structures.
  • For atmosphere and added ambiance, incorporate landscape lighting around your outdoor fireplace and seating area. Use low-voltage fixtures with soft down-lighting that doesn’t detract from the glow of the fire. Choose lighting styles and finishes that enhance your fireplace and surrounding landscape.

Outdoor Fireplace Ambiance

An outdoor fireplace creates a warm, inviting atmosphere where everyone will want to be. The warmth and glow of the fire creates a cozy ambiance that radiates through your landscape. If you want to add visual interest and soothing sounds to your outdoor fireplace setting, consider adding water features to your backyard.

  • Add a relaxing waterfall close to your outdoor fireplace for ultimate ambiance. Build a waterfall out of the same materials you use on your fireplace. Choose an adjacent area in the yard that’s close enough to your fireplace and seating area to hear the sound of the falling water.
  • Add a beautiful fountain near your fireplace. Locate it on the patio area that’s adjacent to the fireplace or in an area of the landscape that’s nearby. Keep it close enough to experience the sights and sounds.
  • If you have a swimming pool, spa or hot tub, an outdoor fireplace can provide additional warmth and light for those amenities if located nearby. Family and guests will automatically gravitate to the fireplace for warmth after an evening swim or dip in the spa or hot tub. Landscape around the pool and spa with potted trees and plants in various sizes. Choose plants with textures and colors that enhance the pool and outdoor fireplace.