Designing an Outdoor Kitchen For Your Bergen County Home

There’s something undeniably invigorating about enjoying a meal al fresco. This type of dining can become a regular occurrence when you have your own outdoor kitchen in Bergen County, NJ.

Keep the following considerations in mind when designing an outdoor kitchen.


The first thing to look at when you’re designing your New Jersey outdoor kitchen is space. You may find yourself limited somewhat if you don’t have a lot of room to work with. Consider whether you can extend your patio to make room for a larger kitchen. Carefully measure the area that you’re working within so you can get accurate estimates when building your outdoor kitchen.


It’s always wise to look at your finances before you look at your options. This way you’ll know what you can and can’t afford before you fall in love with options that aren’t within your means.

If you want some flexibility, give yourself two budget points. If your kitchen installation fits within the smaller budget, you can use the rest for accessories and outdoor décor. The higher your budget goes, the more accessories you’ll have to sacrifice. Make sure your budget has a cap so you don’t order something you can’t afford.


Think about where the kitchen faces. Do you want a view of the pool while you grill the burgers? Is the bar easily accessible to guests? Decide what the focal point of the kitchen is and circle your other elements around this. If the grill is the focal point, place it front and center. If you want guests to focus on the bar seating, keep this in the middle of the arrangement.


You have lots of versatility building an outdoor kitchen for your New Jersey home. Carefully consider the features you want. The further your outdoor kitchen is from your indoor one, the more amenities you’ll need. Some options include:

  • An outdoor refrigerator

  • A sink

  • A propane grill vs.   gas or electric

  • Storage for utensils and cookware

  • Counter space

  • Seating

  • Awnings


Consider exactly how you want to cook. A grill is a start, but a wood-burning oven is a great gourmet addition. If your drinks get as much attention as the food, make sure you have space for wine storage and accessories.

How many people are you planning to serve? You need to estimate an average head count when building an outdoor kitchen. This will greatly influence the seating you need.


In a cool weather climate like northern New Jersey, your kitchen needs to survive the winter. Granite and stone surfaces should be sealed. Appliances need to be covered. If your kitchen has electricity, you should shut it off in the winter, and water lines must be drained. Before building an outdoor kitchen, consider the maintenance work involved.


Once you’ve figured out what you want to include when building an outdoor kitchen, it’s time to piece it all together. Consider the functionality of each feature. Place counters for preparation close to the grill. Keep the fridge easily accessible from both the bar and the cooking area. Storage for cooking utensils goes near the appliances, while storage for serving can stay closer to the sitting area.

When you keep these considerations in mind, you’ll find that building an outdoor kitchen for your Bergen County home is a fun and exciting task.