Outdoor Kitchen Construction in Bergen County, NJ

One of the latest trends in family living in Bergen County is outdoor kitchens. Instead of being stuck inside preparing a meal you can be outside where the action is.

If you and your family are big on the outdoors and entertaining, an outdoor kitchen just might be for you.

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens

There are many advantages to having an outdoor cooking area. A few include:

  • Everyone’s Involved – No one is stuck in the kitchen dealing with the food alone. It’s truly one big party when you have the cooking area outside

  • It’s Easier – No more trips back and forth inside to get stuff. You have it all outside with you

  • Resale Value – Your home’s resale value will generally increase

  • Great Outdoors – It will get you outside and into the fresh air

  • Another Kitchen – You now how the option of a second kitchen in case of emergency or whatever else you might need it for

  • Social Life – Everyone loves a cook out. You will have an entirely new way to entertain with the addition of an outdoor cooking area

What Should I Include in an Outdoor Kitchen?

The contents of your outdoor kitchen should reflect your tastes and cooking style. Of course, there will be certain things you have to have for the area to function properly. The same basic equipment in your home kitchen should be included in your outdoor area.

Some of the needs of outdoor kitchens include:

  • Grill – You will need a grill to cook on. You might consider a grill, stove or oven, or maybe even all three. There are additional options you could add, including a: smoker, side burner, pizza oven or whatever you need to make your outdoor cooking area complete.

  • Storage Space – Counter space and drawer space are two things that should be plentiful. You want to keep some things hidden away for the most part until they are needed.

  • Refrigeration – A nice refrigerator makes your cooking area a lot more functional. It keeps you from making needed trips back and forth to your indoor kitchen

  • Sink – You will need to prepare your food in the same way as if you were cooking inside. So a sink is an indispensable item in outdoor kitchens

  • Dishwasher – If you are planning on being part of the fun as you entertain you surely don’t want to have to wash dishes. This appliance will be more than convenient to have

  • Lighting – Since some of your entertaining will probably be at night you want good lighting for safety and security reasons. Proper lighting can also set the mood and enhance any setting

Outdoor kitchens are very nice to have. They bring you outside where the party is so that you can enjoy the festivities. No one is stuck away from the action.

Installing an outdoor kitchen in Bergen County is not something a homeowner can generally do by themselves. You will need the help of a great landscape design and build company. Your kitchen will have to be well-built and durable in order to withstand the harsh northern New Jersey weather.

In Bergen County, the company to call for designing and installing your outdoor kitchen is Borst Landscape & Design. With many years of experience in the industry you are sure to get a great product that will stand the test of time.