Outdoor Kitchens Design: Take Outdoor Living to the Next Level

outdoor kitchens design

We walk you through what to consider for your ultimate outdoor kitchens design 

You’ve been dreaming about all the advantages of outdoor kitchens design for your property. Welcoming summer with meals outside for your family and guests is an ideal way to use the outdoor spaces of your home. Instead of prepping food indoors and carrying heavy, cumbersome dishes back and forth to the house, outdoor kitchens allow you to prepare and serve meals right outdoors. 

Adding an outdoor kitchen can enhance the look and experience of your landscape. Perfect for making your backyard a destination, outdoor kitchens are the ultimate upgrade for your patio, yard or pool. We will walk you through some of what you should consider for your outdoor kitchens design project. 

Installing an outdoor kitchen is a large project, and you need help from professionals to get the job done. Borst Landscape & Design has dozens of outdoor kitchen ideas for you to choose from and will work with you to help ensure that your outdoor kitchens design matches your expectations. From concept to completion, Borst’s landscape designers will transform your property into your favorite place to spend time. 

Outdoor kitchens design and installation service from Borst

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Outdoor kitchens design elements

When it comes to the perfect outdoor kitchen for your home, there are many elements to consider to make it the perfect space to suit your aesthetic and your needs. Outdoor kitchens design takes into consideration the beauty and the function of your space. You’ll need to consider location, building materials and your kitchen must-haves.

Location –  Is your outdoor kitchen a prime spot for entertainment and larger events? Or do you dream of a more functional space poolside to extend your hours by the water? Maybe you just want to spend more time outside with family and friends this summer and extend those hours by enjoying a meal together. Think about your ideal use for your outdoor kitchens design when you are thinking about location for the project. 

Building materials – Is sleek and modern your style, or do you like the masonry and wood of a rustic country kitchen? Whether brick, bluestone, or granite, we’re happy to help you decide what’s best for the look and feel of your outdoor kitchens design. Our team will evaluate your property and help you decide what will work best, from materials to size.

Must-haves How you will use your outdoor kitchen and what design elements you must have is something that you know best. Whether its favorite lighting or sink size you’re considering, or whether you want to cook with electricity, gas, or wood fire, your outdoor kitchen design is customizable to your needs.

Think about common elements like these when designing your outdoor kitchen:

  • A grill with a searing station and side burners
  • Storage and garbage receptacle
  • An outdoor refrigerator
  • A sink
  • An ice maker
  • Raised countertops for seating
  • Under counter lighting

Borst is your partner for design and installation

The Borst team will help you come up with the most beautiful ways to make your Bergen County kitchen as functional as possible. We will assist you in decisions regarding the materials to use, the layout of the kitchen, and the structure of the countertops and accessories.

Borst is one of the premier landscape design companies in New Jersey. Thanks to our extensive background in northern New Jersey kitchen designs, we’re the ideal team to help you avoid costly kitchen mistakes and create a beautiful outdoor space you’ll love.

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