The Perfect Outdoor Patio Size For Your Bergen County Home

Consulting an expert in landscaping design for help in determining outdoor patio sizes in your Bergen County, New Jersey home plays an important role in the end result’s overall functionality.

Patios that are too small feel crowded and claustrophobic while those that are too large lose their intimacy.

There are many factors to consider in determining the perfect outdoor patio size, but for the best results, contact a landscape design company.

What’s the Purpose of My Outdoor Patio?

What will your patio space be used for? When determining outdoor patio sizes consider the number of people frequenting the space. Those frequently hosting parties will be looking at vastly different outdoor patio size than those adding a patio for a secluded reading getaway. Good landscape designers will know the standard minimum space required to achieve your goals.

Where Should I Put My Outdoor Patio?

Based on purpose, some patios may require kitchen access while others may require a more secluded location on your property. As previously mentioned, discuss the purpose of your patio with your landscape designer and how you will be using this area, whether it will be a simple barbecue area or an elaborate secluded getaway.

What Shape Should My Outdoor Patio Be?

There are many different patio shape options. Square patios are common and cost effective, as are round patios with central focal points. Asymmetrical or free-form patios using curves or angles are also an option. Consider shape when determining outdoor patio sizes and discuss with your landscape designer which options will look best with your NJ home.

What are the Best Building Materials for My Outdoor Patio?

Determining which materials are best for your outdoor patio is crucial. Your patio is an extension of your home and you should ensure that the materials you choose don’t look out of place in your northern New Jersey home. Inquire which building materials are best suited for your home site and your budget, such as natural materials or paving stones.

Best Furniture for My Outdoor Patio?

Inform your landscape design company about the type and size of furniture you would like, as this will have a tremendous effect on determining outdoor patio sizes. You want to be sure you have enough space to accommodate furniture without overcrowding the patio space. Consider comfort and function when selecting furniture. Try out seats before purchasing and choose easy to care for options that will last.

Best Landscaping for Outdoor Patios

Proper landscaping can really make your patio pop. Enlisting the help of a landscaping design company in Bergen County will ensure you get the “wow” effect you are looking for. Take into account whether you are a plant lover or low-maintenance person when making landscaping decisions and consider outdoor patios sizes when selecting plants, trees and shrubs.

Outdoor Patio Extras

Fireplaces and water features affect outdoor patio sizes and contribute to your patio’s ambiance. Lighting should be considered as well. Big or small, extras are often what identify the patio as yours.