Outdoor Pavilion Design: What You Should Know Before You Break Ground

outdoor pavilion design


What to consider for your perfect outdoor pavilion design

If you enjoy spending time outdoors at your home, it may be time for you to upgrade your yard, patio, or pool with an outdoor pavilion design. Beautiful pavilions create a sheltered place to gather or relax and make a wonderful addition to any backyard. Whether you will use your pavilion for personal relaxation or as a place to entertain through the seasons, installing a pavilion is a great way to enhance your outdoor spaces and get more enjoyment from your home.

Here we will tell you what you need to consider in order to make your outdoor pavilion design a perfect space to meet your needs and beautify your home. 

At Borst Landscape & Design, we specialize in outdoor pavilion design and construction for Bergen County residents. We will partner with you to design and install your ideal outdoor space. 

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What to consider for your ideal outdoor pavilion design


The first thing to consider is the location for your new structure. If you have a large property, you probably have several options for where you’ll put your pavilion. However, the right pavilion can add beauty and atmosphere even to a small yard without things getting crowded. The key is in situating it properly within your landscape.

Our skilled contractors will work with you to help you choose the best location for your property, whether your outdoor pavilion design is made for your patio, poolside, deck, or yard.


The size of your pavilion makes all the difference in its appearance and how you will enjoy it. To look best, the size of your structure should be proportioned to the size of your yard. The design will also have to consider the specifications of your town’s building codes. 

Perhaps most importantly, how you plan to use your pavilion will impact its size the most. A pavilion is more than a covered area to relax, gather or play. It can also hold an outdoor kitchen or cooking space, an outdoor bar, a fire pit or fireplace, seating of various kinds, and access to a bathroom or storage area.


The material selected for your outdoor pavilion design is critical to its appearance and harmony with your home’s exterior. The material you select will also impact the longevity of your structure and what kind of care will be required to keep it in excellent condition for years to come. 

Whether your outdoor pavilion is spacious or intimate, ornate or rustic, traditional or modern, the material you select will have a large impact on the atmosphere and appearance of your structure, as well as on what kind of upkeep it will require.

Borst takes a design/build approach

As a winner of multiple NJLCA Residential Landscape Design/Build Awards, Borst Landscape & Design has the proven expertise to bring the best out of your home. From concept to completion, Borst’s landscape designers will transform your property into your favorite place to spend time.

Working with us allows you to take a stress-free approach to your outdoor pavilion design. We’ll partner with you to develop your vision and transform it into reality. 

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