Outdoor Water Fountains – Ideas, Designs & Installation in Bergen County, NJ

Outdoor water fountain bergen county njThere are so many benefits to having an outdoor water fountain in your garden.

Not only can outdoor water fountains increase the value of your Bergen County, NJ home and provide an attractive, beautiful sight, they can be incredibly relaxing as you listen to the sounds of trickling, running water.

Outdoor Water Fountain Benefits

Outdoor water fountains provide excellent habitat baths for a wide variety of birds in northern New Jersey. While bird baths are normally single containers with standing water, outdoor water fountains have running water so that the water does not have to be changed on a regular basis as with bird baths. If the water isn’t moving, then bacteria can multiply and fungus can grow causing the water to smell and look dirty.

Types of Outdoor Water Fountains

There are many types of outdoor fountains.

The Three-Tier Outdoor Fountain is one that wants to be the main attraction. There are many types of three-tier fountains you can add to your garden or patio for a more formal look. Potted plants such as ferns and hydrangeas can add color and a playful yet sophisticated look to the fountain.

The Moorish-Style Wall Fountain with colorful, breathtaking backdrops of glazed Spanish tiles and water careening quietly down to a small pond with the same color tiles. Many people accent the Spanish appearance with accent pieces like a terra cotta sun on the backdrop and fluted basins along the backdrop for water to trickle in and out.

Smaller Fountains without the big flair of three tiers or tile backdrops. Smaller fountains can be perfect for producing the calming affect of running water without the large visual impact. And small fountains can still offer visual enjoyment as well with different colorful hues you can choose that will fit and even blend in with your blooming plants.

Japanese-Influenced Concrete Water Fountains offer a Zen-like look and feel with their simple yet eye-catching shapes and designs. Many Japanese style water fountains are supported by a single pedestal with a flat disk at the top where water erupts out and spills off the fountain edges in sheets. Many of these fountains are good for back yard ponds.

Victorian-Style Outdoor Fountain include several different types of statues from cherubs, to Buddha’s to Victorian style statues of women holding an obelisk. Many people adorn these statuesque fountains with terra-cotta pots filled with colorful plants and flowers. These statue fountains are also popular inside or next to outdoor ponds.

At Borst Landscape & Design, we can help you choose and install just the right outdoor water fountain for your garden in Bergen County, NJ. We can also talk with you about other landscaping ideas to accent that outdoor fountain, such as a backyard pond and garden trellis for grapes and vines.