Outdoor Waterfall Installation: How to Get Started

outdoor waterfall installation

The options for outdoor waterfall installation are plentiful. If you are dreaming of the tranquil sound of falling water, start here.

Outdoor waterfall installation is a great way to add beauty to your home. Whether you crave a luxurious spa waterfall or atmospheric grotto to enhance your swimming pool, dream of a tranquil new water garden, or want a simple pondless waterfall for ambiance, the options are plentiful. And so are the decisions you’ll need to make in order to have the waterfall of your dreams. Read on for more about what you need to know about outdoor waterfalls.

Borst Landscape & Design is your partner for outdoor waterfall installation. As a winner of multiple NJLCA Residential Landscape Design/Build Awards, Borst has the proven expertise to bring the best out of your home. From concept to completion, Borst’s landscape designers will work with you to transform your property into your favorite place to spend time.

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Outdoor waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes and make gorgeous focal points. As you plan your outdoor waterfall, you’ll need to think about two parts: the cascading structure for the falls, and the pool at the bottom – unless you are planning a pondless waterfall, that’s an option too. Let’s take a look at a few outdoor waterfall installation options, and what you’ll need to think about. 

Outdoor waterfall Installation: Location, Location

Do you have a spot in mind for your perfect outdoor waterfall? 

An outdoor waterfall installation in the front yard will turn neighbors’ heads by enhancing the curb-appeal of your home and add a focal point to a stunning front yard design.

In the backyard, a waterfall becomes a more intimate feature for your own enjoyment. 

Waterfalls can be built using already existing features on a property such as ponds, streams, or swimming pools or they can be built from scratch. They can be installed to use a natural slope on your property, or be fully constructed to suit the location you choose.

When thinking about location, consider how you want to enjoy your outdoor waterfall as well as where it will have a visual impact. And remember that waterfalls are all about sound. Where will you most enjoy the relaxing flow of falling water? 


Simple or elaborate, rustic or modern, outdoor waterfall installation should suit the overall design of your landscape.  When considering style, remember that natural stone will look the most genuine, but there are many options. 

Consider the pond or pool that the water will fall into as well. If you are creating a new water garden on your property, how you want your pond to look? Will it have bridges or pathways? What plants or greenery do you want to see around your waterfall? Discuss your ideas with your outdoor waterfall installation contractor. 

Or, turn your backyard pool into a tropical oasis with outdoor waterfall installation. Add a waterfall to a jacuzzi area to bring tranquility, or have a grotto with a waterfall built for a sense of poolside mystery. Blend your pool area into the surrounding landscape with the help of a natural stone waterfall. There are so many options!

Borst for outdoor waterfall installation

Having a waterfall professionally installed will ensure that you get an outdoor waterfall installation that is of the highest quality in both material and design. If you’re in Bergen County NJ, don’t hesitate to contact Borst – we’d love to speak with you about your ideas for your outdoor waterfall installation

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