Pet Friendly Landscaping

You love your pet – until he or she starts digging up a shrub or digging a hole in your yard to bury a bone.

But there are ways to make your yard more beautiful and pet-resilient at the same time. Borst Landscape and Design, a leader among Bergen County landscape designers, offers the following helpful tips.

Start by knowing your pet. Some love to dig; others are always on the lookout for an escape route. Understanding your pet’s habits will help you design your yard to better address them.

When it comes to digging, include more hardscaping. Borst Landscape and Design has found that features like gravel paths or slate walks offer fewer opportunities. Make it up to your pet by installing a designated digging area, like a sandbox. Bury some toys to make it more appealing.

Dogs like to patrol their turf, hence the paths they make. Install pavers or other hardscaping for their regular walkabouts. You can also use mulch, but make sure that the pieces aren’t too small (otherwise, the mulch will cling to their paws and wind up in your house). Also, never use cocoa mulch – it’s harmful to pets.

Canines are territorial. Here’s one way to them keep inside their domains. Dense plantings along the borders of your yard will keep them nearby and feeling secure inside your yard’s borders (although check for any holes they might discover).

Fencing is another option to keep your pet secure (and it doesn’t have to be boring).  Borst Landscape and Design offers a huge variety of fence designs, from the practical to the ornamental.

When it comes to keeping your pet away from certain areas; tough shrubs, rose bushes or tall ornamental grasses provide an attractive (and effective) barrier.

And who doesn’t love a cool, shady spot to hang out?  Give your pet another option than under a bush: an outdoor structure like a pavilion, gazebo or pergola lets them enjoy relaxing time with the whole family.  The experts at Borst Landscape and Design can incorporate one of these lovely structures into your outdoor space.

Another important factor in a pet-friendly yard are the treatments that are used. Chemicals to fight pests or fertilize the yard can have adverse effects on pets.  The team at Borst Landscape and Design are experts in organic treatments that keep your yard beautiful and your pet healthy.

There are many beautiful ways to incorporate both what your pet needs and what you need into your Bergen County home’s yard. Borst Landscape and Design has years of experience creating unique outdoor spaces that work for the four-legged and two-legged members in your home.  Discover what we can do for you!