Professional Lawn Maintenance in NJ: Cost Guide

Lawn care and maintenance is a big job. If you have a large property, you will likely spend hours every weekend mowing the yard, raking leaves, trimming shrubs, fertilizing plants and looking for problems that are causing dead grass or brown spots in your lawn. Unless you’re ready to put in the time and effort required for regular lawn care, it’s best to hire a landscape company that provides professional lawn maintenance in NJ.

A professional landscaping company can save you a lot of tedious yard work and keep your lawn green and healthy year-round. However, before you hire someone, there are some factors you should consider. It’s important to hire the right company that can handle your property needs with lawn care and maintenance services that fit your budget. To do that, first consider these factors.

What services do you need?

Take a good look around your property and the existing condition of your lawn and landscape. A thorough assessment is necessary to determine your needs, so you can express that to your landscape contractor. If your lawn looks lush and green and well-manicured, you may just need regular maintenance services. If you have existing problems that need to be addressed, you may need professional lawn maintenance in NJ that includes additional services. If you’re not sure what you need, talk to your landscape contractor about recommended services for your property.

If you only need someone to mow the front and back lawns on a regular basis, the cost for basic lawn care won’t be too much. However, someone to simply mow the lawn is called a “gardener,” not a “landscape contractor,” and the services they can provide are very different. A professional landscape contractor can provide many more services that enhance the beauty of your home and landscape. Typically, you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind.

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How do I determine the services I need?

If you’re not sure what lawn care services you need, it may help to ask yourself some questions to determine your landscaping goals. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Do you want picture postcard beauty and a well-manicured lawn?
  • Do you want a low-maintenance landscape?
  • Do you want a landscape that will conserve water and irrigation costs?
  • Do you want a safe, chemical-free outdoor environment?
  • Do you want to add color and texture to your landscape?
  • Do you need lawn repairs?
  • Do you have existing lawn disease, insect or pest problems?
  • Would you like to create a new landscape design?

What services can a landscape contractor provide?

A professional landscape contractor is trained and experienced to handle a variety of lawn care and maintenance services. Your lawn care and maintenance costs will be determined by the services you need and choose for your home.

Regular Lawn Care and Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of professional lawn care is the consistency of regular services. When you hire a reputable landscape company to provide professional lawn maintenance in NJ, you can be sure that lawn care services will be regular and prompt. Typically, a crew is assigned to your home on a weekly basis. They will take care of your lawn care and maintenance needs as scheduled per your contract agreement terms. Services may include:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization and planting
  • Border edging for driveways and walkways
  • Cleaning of all hardscaped surfaces like patios, walkways and driveways
  • Cleaning of plant and flower beds
  • Clearing of dead growth and debris
  • Tree, shrub and plant care

Many professional landscape companies also offer additional lawn care services outside basic lawn maintenance to keep your landscape looking its best. Additional services may include:

  • Lawn and garden renovations
  • Seasonal planting of plants and flowers
  • Seasonal pruning of shrubs and trees
  • Mulching.
  • Pest control.
  • Organic lawn care.
  • Irrigation systems.

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Specialty Services

In addition to professional lawn maintenance in NJ, a full-service landscape company can provide specialty services and outdoor features for your home. If you’re interested in these services, talk to a Bergen County landscape professional about services and related costs. Specialty services may include:

  • Landscape Design.
  • Garden Design.
  • Landscape Grading and Resloping.
  • Landscape Lighting.
  • Design and Build Services.

Lawn maintenance services and costs

Once you determine the services you want and need for your home, you can determine more accurate costs. Keep in mind that the costs for professional lawn maintenance in NJ varies based on property location, property size, chosen services and frequency of services. No two Northern NJ properties are alike, but prices should be comparable to competitive prices in your area.

Today, many homeowners are concerned about the environment and energy conservation. Organic lawn care is a great alternative to conventional lawn care and addresses these concerns. Natural lawn aeration, root feeding and weed control are promoted with the use of organic fertilizers, nutrients and soil conditioners. Organic pesticides and herbicides control lawn diseases and outdoor insects and pests with safe, natural treatments without harmful chemicals that can contaminate soil and water. Organic lawn care offers a safe, effective way to create and maintain a beautiful landscape and a healthy environment for your children and pets.

Costs for organic professional lawn maintenance in NJ can vary based on your needs and the landscape company you choose. Good, organic lawn care typically includes Spring, Summer and Fall applications to keep your lawn, trees and shrubs healthy and pest-free. Talk to a Bergen County landscape contractor who is knowledgeable and experienced in organic lawn care. Based on your needs, he can discuss services and prices that are right for your home.

Your trees and shrubs can also benefit from organic care with proper fertilization. An organic deep-root fertilizer will add nutrients to your soil and promote healthy root systems and foliage growth. Trees and shrubs with healthy, stable roots will grow faster, and they are much less susceptible to insects, fungus and disease. Proper organic tree and shrub care will allow your trees and shrubs to tolerate environmental stresses from hot sun, drought, freezing temperatures and snow and ice.

Services typically include:

  • Organic fertilization.
  • Organic root and soil conditioning.
  • Organic disease and pest control.
  • Organic mite and scale control.
  • Organic tree injections.
  • Organic winter overcoat protection.

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An Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) will provide regular inspections of your trees, shrubs and plants to check for insects and diseases, so appropriate organic treatments can be applied. Inspections will include detailed reports that let you know the condition of your trees, shrubs and plants and what treatments need to be done. Costs for an IPM can vary based on property size, existing conditions and specific problems that need to be addressed. An IPM should be a part of your professional lawn maintenance in NJ. Consult a landscape company about specific IPM services and costs for your home.

A professional landscape contractor can help you create a beautiful outdoor garden with plants, flowers and bulbs that bloom at different times throughout the year. Garden design and maintenance services include a variety of arrangements to meet your needs and budget for professional lawn maintenance in NJ.

Design and Planting:

  • Annual and perennial gardens.
  • Containers and window-boxes.
  • Bulb plantings.
  • Garden renovations.
  • Seasonal displays and plantings.
  • Holiday lighting and decorating.

Garden Maintenance:

  • Spring garden cleanup.
  • Fall pruning.
  • Weeding and Cultivating garden beds.
  • Fertilizing annuals and perennials.
  • Disease and insect control.

A professional landscape contractor can provide a variety of design and build services for your home. Many landscape contractors are educated and trained in landscape architecture, so they’re very knowledgeable and skilled in building outdoor landscape features that can enhance your home and landscape. These outdoor custom-built features will vary in costs, so talk to your landscape professional about design and build services you’re interested in for your home.

Outdoor design and build features include:

  • Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
  • Outdoor waterfalls, fountains and ponds.
  • Outdoor patios and terraces.
  • Outdoor driveways and walkways.
  • Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.
  • Outdoor kitchens.
  • Landscape lighting.

If you’re interested in special design and build services, find a reputable, qualified landscape contractor who will provide quality work at prices within your budget. Some companies offer landscape packages that include a combination of services at different costs for different budgets. Take the time to research landscape companies in Bergen County to find the best one for your needs and budget.