Questions to ask Organic Lawn Care Experts

Once spring arrives, it’s time to start thinking in earnest about lawn care. Although there are ways to maintain and care for your lawn throughout the year, the most important work begins in the early spring, when you begin a lawn care routine that will carry you through the summer months and keep your lawn lush and happy. Organic lawn care services provide a good way to maintain your lawn and keep it healthy.

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Can too much organic matter hurt your lawn?

Anyone who has ever tried to grow and maintain plants knows that balance is key. Although organic lawn care experts agree that organic matter is a great way to nourish your yard, using too much of it can actually create excessive growth. While this may sound like a good thing, using too much organic matter will support the growth of undesirable plants and organisms. Too much organic matter can actually increase the amount of phosphorus in the soil, which will cause an excess of algae to grow. Soil Tests every three years however can monitor organic matter in your soil.

What happens if you put too much fertilizer on your grass?

Like organic matter, fertilizer is wonderful in the correct amounts, but it can be overused to the point of damaging your lawn. The use of excessive amounts of fertilizer can cause grass to grow much faster than the underlying root system can support, and this, organic lawn care experts say, will create a lot of thatch that can be the perfect breeding ground for pests, while causing severe burns in the turf and damaging the root system.
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How do I spread organic matter to my lawn?

Topdressing is the practice of spreading organic matter onto your lawn. Topdressing is the process of adding a layer of organic matter on top of your lawn and then allowing it to decompose naturally and mix in with the soil. Topdressing is a wonderful alternative for homeowners who want a natural lawn care solution for their grass. However, the process can be time-consuming and expensive for the average homeowner, so it’s best to engage the help of specialists with experience in organic lawn care services.

How can I improve the quality of my lawn soil with organic lawn care?

For many years, the use of pesticides and chemicals was seen as the quick and easy route to lush, healthy lawns. However, organic lawn care services have been gaining popularity in recent years as a return to traditional lawn care and an alternative to the use of chemicals. By engaging the help of organic lawn care experts, you can learn how to create a healthy and natural lawn.

Organic Lawn CareAre there organic lawn care services available in Bergen County, NJ?

There are organic lawn care services in Bergen County, NJ that are available to assist with your organic lawn care needs. Serving Bergen County residents for thirty years, and the leader in Organic Lawn Care, the specialists at Borst Landscape & Design can help. Contact us and make an appointment today with one of our organic lawn care experts.